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Why Didn't Chris Wallace Ask David Axelrod About DOJ's New Black Panther Case?

Reported by Ellen - July 11, 2010 -

White House senior advisor David Axelrod visited Fox News Sunday today for an interview with Chris Wallace that lasted almost 11 minutes. They discussed the BP oil spill disaster, the president's wish for a moratorium on offshore drilling, immigration and Arizona, the recess appointment of Donald Berwick and unemployment. Yet Wallace never mentioned one word about the supposedly "explosive" allegations, relentlessly hyped on Fox News for more than a week, that the Obama Department of Justice dropped a case of voter intimidation against the New Black Panther Party and some of its members because it has decided not to prosecute cases of black intimidation against whites. Not only has Fox News been fixated on painting Obama's DOJ as racist the second-hand accusations of a GOP activist, the "fair and balanced" network has been almost as fixated on complaining about other media ignoring this supposedly important story. So is Wallace part of the so-called liberal media? Or does he just know a phony, trumped-up controversy when he sees one?

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