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Hannity And Malkin Add Immigration And NASA To Play More Race Cards Against DOJ

Reported by Ellen - July 8, 2010 -

If there’s one kind of discussion that Sean Hannity loves, it’s one where he gets to accuse a black person of anti-white bigotry. So it was no surprise that on the same day last week that Megyn Kelly played the race card trumpeted her interview with GOP activist J. Christian Adams, in which he accused the DOJ of refusing to prosecute a few New Black Panther Party members because they’re black, Hannity hosted her to advance the meme. Never mind that Adams’ accusations were based on hearsay and were full of holes. As we’ve repeatedly posted since then, Fox News has obsessed on this case in what I believe is a deliberate attempt to set up the DOJ as Fox News’ next ACORN. Hannity went one better with that strategy: he threw in the DOJ’s recent lawsuit against the State of Arizona, over its immigration law, and the NASA administrator’s outreach to Muslims in order to further the race-baiting that seems to be going on at Fox 24/7 these days.

Malkin was her usual sanctimonious sourpuss, posturing as a patriot as she sneered nearly non-stop about her fellow Americans. “You’ve got these ideological, open borders zealots in the Justice Department who do not care about the rule of law and the letter of the law, “ she spat, really showing off her love for country.

She went on to attack “renegades like Thomas Perez” who just happens to figure in the New Black Panther case. Malkin added, “and guess what, he’s a dime a dozen in that dirty DOJ.”

That was Hannity's cue to bring up the New Black Panther Party case with an obvious eye toward playing the race card. He said, “At the highest level of the Justice Department, they decided not to pursue this case. So, if you put the two cases together, do you think racial politics are being played at the Justice Department? “

“No question about it,” Malkin said contemptuously. “And thank God for J. Christian Adams, the whistleblower at the Justice Department who was involved in this case from the get go… I think it’s of a piece, these two cases, that you have a corrupt-o-crat Justice Department that is defying the will of the people and running roughshod over the justice that it is supposed to protect.”

Apparently, that wasn’t enough of a race card for Hannity. So he brought up one of the other right-wing obsessions lately: NASA administrator Charles Bolden’s statement that President Obama wanted him to “reach out to the Muslim world.” Oh, the horrors! Hannity said, “Let’s add one other case… We’re now told in this interview by the head of NASA… to Al-Jazeera, of all places, that the president told him his foremost task was to find ways to reach out to the Muslim world and also Muslim nations to help them feel good about their historic contributions to science and math and engineering. When we put these three issues together – immigration, this case with the New Black Panther Party, and the foremost mission of the head of NASA, what do you conclude?”

Malkin was really loving her country now! She said self-righteously, “What we conclude is that this administration puts identity politics, pandering to America haters and people who do not believe in the sovereignty of our country above our own national interests… They’re unapologetic about their far-left radicalism.”

When Hannity talks about "racial politics," what he really means is black racism against whites. When it comes to racism against blacks, Hannity never seems to mind.

You can contact Hannity at [email protected], Malkin at [email protected] and Fox News at [email protected].

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