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Hannity Continues To Paint Al Gore As A Serial Sex Abuser

Reported by Ellen - July 3, 2010 -

Remember when Sean Hannity complained about a rush to judgment by the media? How Hannity and Megyn Kelly (then Kendall) bent over backwards to poke holes in the story of an accuser? That was during the Duke lacrosse case where some white athletes had been accused by a black stripper. But now that a massage therapist has accused Al Gore of sexually abusing her, Hannity is not just ready to convict Gore, he’s ready to convict him of being a serial abuser. Hannity suggested this twice Thursday night (7/1/10). Again. Hannity neatly ignored his own guest’s revelation that the accuser had reportedly asked for $1 million from the National Enquirer to tell her story and repeatedly suggested that she was coming forward now, four years after the alleged abuse, because of an altruistic desire to protect other women.

Perhaps hedging his bets on the sex abuse, Hannity made sure to convict Gore regardless of the outcome with the masseuse's case. In a segment with two lawyers, he said, “I guess the question that remains here is the lack of judgment by Al Gore because if we’re going to use the standard… ‘beyond a reasonable doubt’ for the vice president, if there’s nobody else in that room and she’s not claiming rape, she’s only claiming assault, how do you prove that?”

Defense attorney Rebecca Rose Woodland pointed out that the accuser waited 26 days before going to the police then declined to be interviewed three times in 2006, when the massage and alleged abuse took place. Woodland added, “Apparently, there are allegations that she heard about the split between Tipper and Al Gore and decided to capitalize on it and asked the National Enquirer…”

Hannity interrupted. “Wait, wait, wait. That’s a judgment... capitalize. Is it capitalize on it? She’s saying… she couldn’t in good conscience allow this guy to be out there because she thinks he’s probably doing it again. Do you not see any possibility of altruism here?”

Woodland shot back, “Well, there’s a possibility – except that the National Enquirer is saying she wanted $1 million for her story. I call that capitalization.”

Hannity was not to be deterred. “I guess, well, that’s easy to say, too but… in fairness to anybody that’s a victim of assault and if you’re talking about a former Vice President who I would imagine you think is powerful, it may not be so easy to do for a woman, right?”

Hannity ended that segment by saying, “There’s one thing we can all agree on, is that Al Gore is guilty of something and that’s stupidity…As a public figure and the former vice president, to be alone at midnight in a hotel room with a woman… how dumb is that?”

Both guests agreed.

Later, when the subject arose in the Great American Panel segment, former sportscaster Pat O’Brien questioned why it took Gore’s accuser 4 years to come forward. “I mean, I’m just wondering what happened to bring these charges back to the forefront.”

Did Hannity mention the cool million? Of course not. He continued to defend the accuser. “She did make (a report) days after, granted not the day after, but days after… She didn’t want to go forward with it. She didn’t want to quote, be appearing as a gold digger. Those were her words.” Never mind that Hannity’s own guest had told him that she had appeared to be a gold digger.

Hannity later said, his voice all innocent, that maybe the accuser waited because her point of view had changed – not because of the money, Hannity didn’t mention that. He theorized the accuser reasoned, “Maybe if he did this to me, he’s doing it to other women.”

“Maybe she’s gold digging him,” Democrat Joe Trippi said. Not even that jogged Hannity’s memory to point out the report of a $1 million demand.

Can you imagine if the masseuse was black and the accusations were being leveled against Newt Gingrich? Just recall how Hannity reacted when his then co-host Alan Colmes had the nerve to compare John McCain's (acknowledged) infidelity to John Edwards'. It wasn't pretty.

Don't get me wrong. I'm not pre-judging either the masseuse or Gore. Her accusations, if they are judged by law enforcement as at all credible, should be investigated. But Fox News knows Hannity is not interested in any responsible, considered discussion or investigation, only a kangaroo court in the media where Gore can be convicted regardless of any legal outcome.

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