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Hannity And Gabriel Grasp At Straws To Fear Monger That Sharia Law Has Invaded US

Reported by Ellen - July 1, 2010 -

Sean Hannity is keeping up the recent Fox News meme of alleging that Sharia law has invaded or is about to invade and supplant the United States Constitution. Seriously. Hannity’s fear mongering discussion Tuesday night (6/29/10) about this “threat” was at least the fifth time we’ve seen it discussed on Fox and the fourth time on Hannity. But this time, he chose the most far-fetched “evidence” yet: legislation in Europe banning burkas. How banning burkas in France or Belgium signifies the imminent or past arrival of Sharia law on our shores, he never explained. But his guest, Islamophobe Brigitte Gabriel, quickly agreed that it was so.

Hannity reported that reasons for the ban are: women are often forced to wear burkas against their will, that burkas are believed to spread extremism and that they are also seen as a security threat because they conceal the identity of the wearer. Hannity added, “The United States is not immune to those concerns. Now just last week in Dearborn, Michigan, police arrested four Christian missionaries for their alleged disorderly conduct at an Arab cultural festival.” That incident has already been discussed – at least twice – on Fox as some kind of “evidence” that Sharia law has already arrived. But there seemed to be no connection between the arrest of the missionaries and the European legislation – other than Hannity’s belief that they both signaled the imminent demise of the U.S. Constitution.

Hannity continued, “Now that event stoked fears that Sharia law is creeping into the United States (he forgot to mention he’s one of the chief stokers). If so, could we see the same drastic measures that European countries are now adopting coming to the United States?"

Gabriel, as usual, sounded almost hysterical with hatred as she alleged that over 110 murder cases in Great Britain, linked to honor killing, are believed to have “all started with the forcing of the women to wear the burka and adopt more Islamic practices.”

Hannity went on to connect the non-existent dots to another of his pet hate mongering subjects: the mosque at Ground Zero. After quoting one imam connected with the project who said he wanted the U.S. to be more “Sharia compliant,” Hannity later spun that one statement into "a movement."

Gabriel went even further afield by adding dots to connect to Iran. “Look when Ayatollah Khomeini came to power (in Iran). He forced women to wear the burka to the point where they had morality police. The same thing in Saudi Arabia… You start looking at other countries… the common thread is Islam and radical Islam, Sharia law at that.”

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