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Fox News: Sharia Law Is Invading The United States!

Reported by Ellen - June 21, 2010 -

Fox News has teamed up with Oklahoma State Rep. Rex Duncan, an Islamophobic extremist, to scaremonger that the United States Constitution and its judicial system are in danger of being sabotaged by Sharia law. As TPM LiveWire recently reported, Duncan has said that Sharia law in the United States is “not just a danger. It’s a reality,” even though he admits it has not yet occurred. Because Duncan is worried that “liberal judges” citing international law “want to undermine those founding principles” of America, he has sponsored a state ballot in Oklahoma that forbids judges from considering international law in their rulings. Not only has this wingnut received at least two warm welcomes on Fox, Brian Kilmeade, on Fox & Friends, agrees that Sharia law is on the way. So, it seems, does Sean Hannity. Apparently taking a cue from the Arizona immigration law, Duncan announced, “It’s time that the state legislatures step up and do what the federal government has willfully refused to do.”

On Friday night’s Hannity (6/18/10), Duncan was introduced as someone taking “a pre-emptive strike to ensure that things like Islamic Sharia law are kept out of the Oklahoma court system.” “We report, you decide” Fox News forgot to tell its viewers that Duncan has a record of anti-Islamic extremism. In 2007, Duncan refused to accept a centennial copy of the Quran from the Governor’s Ethnic American Advisory Council because “Most Oklahomans do not endorse the idea of killing innocent women and children in the name of ideology.”

“Sharia law has come to Great Britain,” Duncan told Hannity. “I’ve described it as a cancer upon Great Britain’s survivability. It is that serious. There are dozens of Sharia-type courts there.”

Duncan did not appear to mean that British judges are now consulting the Koran instead of British laws. Nor was he saying that imams have taken over the British courts. What Duncan said he meant was that in some family cases like divorce or child custody, the parties will ask the courts to enforce agreements binding the parties according to Islamic law. Asking a judge to recognize Sharia law in a divorce case seems fairly benign to me, akin to recognizing a marriage performed by a rabbi or, as Terri Schiavo’s parents did, asking a court to rule in accordance with her Catholic faith. But to Duncan, “That is a backdoor way to get Sharia law in the courts.” He claimed that there have been efforts “to explore bringing that to America and it’s dangerous.”

Rather than explore what, exactly, has happened in Great Britain, how Sharia law would operate in the U.S. or discuss the law Duncan is sponsoring, Hannity put a little fuel on the fire of hate mongering against Muslims. He played footage of London Muslims protesting British soldiers returning from Afghanistan – which has become a Hannity show staple lately – and used that to suggest that Sharia law is on the way. “What does that tell you?” Hannity asked about the protest video. “Are these the same people that would want to implement Sharia law in Britain?”

As if Duncan would know! But he said, definitively, “They are. They are, Sean. That’s a preview. We call that a movie trailer. That’s something that’s coming to America.”

Duncan continued, “These people… are the same people that are coming here to take away (American) liberties and freedom from your children, my children and our grandchildren and it’s time that the state legislatures step up and do what the federal government has willfully refused to do.”

“I hope this passes,” Hannity said. He also looked forward to meeting Duncan at a Freedom Concert in Oklahoma.

You can contact the Hannity show at [email protected] and Duncan at r[email protected].

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