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Sarah Palin Thinks Democratic Senator Arlen Specter Was Running Against Republican House Candidate Tim Burns

Reported by Ellen - May 18, 2010 -

Sarah Palin visited the Hannity show tonight to discuss the primary races and the special election in Pennsylvania for the deceased John Murtha’s seat. Republican Tim Burns ran against Democrat Mark Critz in that election. But when Sean Hannity asked Palin about the contest, she seemed to think Burns was running against Senator Arlen Specter. Of course, Specter was in a primary race against fellow Democrat Joe Sestak (who won). Palin nevertheless predicted Burns would win. He lost decisively. With video.

At the beginning of the discussion Palin said Rand Paul's primary win for the Republican Senate nomination in Kentucky was not "much of a surprise if you have your thumb on the pulse of what so many in the electorate are thinking right now." Since Palin had endorsed Paul "early on," as Hannity put it, she obviously thought of herself as someone having her "thumb on the pulse" of the electorate.

Whatever pulse Palin has her thumb on, it's certainly not on the pulse of the elections.

Hannity went on to talk about “the race that I am most interested in tonight… and that is the Pennsylvania 12 race. And here you have John Murtha’s old seat, he held for all these years – two-to-one Democrat to Republican in the district. It’s literally neck and neck… If Burns pulls this off tonight, what would that say to you?”

Palin's answer revealed that she thought Burns was running against Specter: “I think Burns will pull this off tonight. And just like the Rand-slide that we were just talking about, you’re gonna see Burns, having this representation of a smaller, smarter government, getting the economy back on the right track with limited overreach of the governments (sic). That’s what Burns stands for. And, you know, Specter, he was a representative of bigger government, even when he was within the Republican Party. And people are saying, 'When you consider what it is that he stood for and voted on and represented, enough is enough.' That’s not what our country needs today. We need someone like Tim Burns in there. And you’re gonna see that via vote today with the electorate.”

As of now, with 99.2% of the returns in, Burns lost to Critz by 45% to 52.6% in what Politico described as "a sharp blow to national Republicans who had invested millions of dollars in the contest."

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