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Fox Nation Christians Openly Discuss Lynching Liberals And Muslims Over Theft Of Mojave Desert Cross

Reported by Ellen - May 14, 2010 -

As News Hounds' Priscilla noted, Fox News is so bent on sensationalizing the theft of the Mojave Desert Cross, which is most likely due to vandalism, that it keeps "asking" if the theft rises to the level of a hate crime. This, despite the fact that Fox News has also acknowledged (in much smaller print), "authorities had no immediate motive for the theft." However, some Fox Nation readers became so inflamed that they openly discussed lynching liberals and Muslims - and they don't seem to see much difference between the two. Although I did not see any comments calling for the murder of President Obama, he was considered one of "them" liberal Muslims as well. Screen grabs after the jump.

The very disturbing comments, which were still up on Fox Nation at about 12:30 AM ET on May 14, 2010, had been posted about 36 hours previously. That's plenty of time for a moderator to find them and remove them. So why were they still there? (H/T Brad S.)







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