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Gretchen Carlson Asks If Mojave Desert Cross Theft Is A Hate Crime

Reported by Priscilla - May 13, 2010 -

Yesterday, on Fox & Friends, former Miss America and very good Christian, Gretchen Carlson, was at her indignant best about how the Mojave Desert war memorial cross, after having passed muster with SCOTUS, was (said in her best breathless voice) “stolen by thieves who are still at large.” She interviewed both an American Legion dude who was really pissed and Hiram Sasser, lawyer for the Christian law firm “Liberty Institute.” Both Sasser and American Legionnaire Joe Davis claimed that the reason why the cross was taken was because the thieves are angry about the SCOTUS decision. Carlson asked Sasser if this is a hate crime – a meme being promoted by Fox Nation. He said that he voted for this being a hate crime on the on-line Fox poll (so that proves it!) and added that the thieves hated this cross. But wait, Liberty Institute said this about hate crimes: “Hate crimes laws literally create specially protected classes, enshrining in law the proposition that a crime committed against one group is worse than a crime committed against another and upsetting the doctrine of equal protection under the law.” It’s a complex world!