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Glenn Beck Hearts The Internet -- But Not News Hounds!

Reported by Ellen - May 13, 2010 -

Glenn Beck went on a tear about the internet on Monday (5/10/10) that I think purported to present YouTube videos as the standard bearers for truth in a world dominated by mainstream media liars. Glenn Beck excepted, of course. But somehow the largest, most consistent thread in the show, at least as far as the Fox News “rush transcript” indicates, was Beck, himself, the big victim in a world of media and online untruths. So imagine my surprise and delight when I found that News Hounds and one of my own posts were held up as one of Beck’s transgressors. With video.

Granted, News Hounds appeared on Beck’s long list of media malfeasants after President Obama, Rev. Jim Wallis, MSNBC, The Washington Post, The Huffington Post, PBS, Bill Moyers, Free Press, Robert McChesney, Media Matters and, of course, those permanent staples on any Beck enemies list, Van Jones and Cass Sunstein. But we were proud just to make the cut!

Here’s what Beck said about us:

“As our president pointed out this week, there is a lot of questionable stuff from bloggers. This one from News Hounds: Glenn Beck Fear Mongering of the Day: Radical European Thought ‘Is Now On Our Shores.’”

He even posted a large screen grab of our website, complete with our little hound graphic at the upper left.

Beck continued, “

That’s downright silly, right? Well, here’s a headline from the New York Times this past Saturday. ‘Greek Debt Woes Ripple Outward, From Asia To U.S.’ Wait a minute. What? I thought that was right-wing lunatic crazy talk.”

Beck continued “defending” himself from my “Fear Mongering of the Day” post by alleging that the news (from the mainstream media he had just trashed) had proved him right about European socialist economies all long. He ended with a little more fear mongering. “Please prepare for a crash landing.”

There’s only one problem with his "defense." My post was not about Greece or the European economy affecting our economy. My post referred to Beck’s attack on a book that, Beck claimed, was dangerous and whose philosophy is “now on our shores.” Beck said at the time,

“This little book is dangerous. It talks, ‘You must destroy the family. You must go in. They’re tired of waiting.' It is a book of communism. The extreme uber left. Michael Moore said that he was reading this book over the summer. (Beck didn’t mention whether Moore has been working to destroy the family or what dangerous mischief he has made as a result of reading it.) The left is at a tipping point in America. They have huge majorities, a progressive president and they feel 'This is our time.'"

So Beck "proved" he was right by asserting a fact that had nothing to do with my post and ignored what had actually been written.

But what’s that saying? There’s no such thing as bad publicity? Thanks for the plug, Glenn.

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