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Despite Their Own Evidence To The Contrary, Fox News “Asks” If Kagan Is “Another Obama Radical?”

Reported by Ellen - May 11, 2010 -

Foxnews.com "just asked" in the title of its video of a discussion about Supreme Court nominee Elena Kagan, “Another Obama Radical? Why is Elena Kagan the president’s Supreme Court pick?” It’s not only a leading question, it’s a disingenuous one. In the segment, from last night's (5/10/10) Hannity, Dick Morris repeatedly insisted to Sean Hannity that Kagan is a moderate centrist. Hannity was obviously disappointed that Morris was not going to adopt his usual anti-Obama stance but Hannity did not have much evidence with which to contradict Morris. Maybe he and Foxnews.com made up for that disappointment with their misleading, unfair and unbalanced headline. With video.

Hannity asked, “Is this just another Obama radical being elevated to the highest levels of our government?” by way of introduction.

It turned out that Morris knew Kagan pretty well from their days in the Clinton administration, or at least that's what Morris said. He told Hannity that Kagan, in those days, was a moderate conservative who, he was sure, supported welfare reform and the capital gains tax cut.

“There’s no evidence of that,” Hannity snapped. Compare that to his much milder response to Morris’ “revelation” about Clinton and his reappointment of Janet Reno. Hannity was only obviously skeptical of Morris’ claim that the only reason Clinton had reappointed Reno was because she threatened to “tell the truth” about what had happened in Waco, Texas. Morris later retracted the statement. But, unless I blinked and missed it, Hannity never made an effort to correct the record on his show.

Morris conceded that Kagan may have moved “way to the left,” but, “based on the Elena Kagan that I knew 15 years ago, she would be a moderate on the Court. She’d be a little bit like Sandra Day O’Connor… Maybe at worst a Souter.”

“No way,” Hannity insisted, even though Morris knew Kagan and Hannity didn’t. He had obviously not studied her record beyond a few right wing talking points.

Morris said he was convinced Kagan would be “an extreme leftist” on the environment “but on the other issues… I would peg her as a moderate.”

Hannity changed the subject.


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