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Predictably, Hannity And Fox News’ Gasparino Use Dow Drop And Greece Riots To Fear Monger About Obama Administration

Reported by Ellen - May 7, 2010 -

The spectacular 900-point drop in the Dow and the riots in Greece were the top story on Fox News’ Hannity last night (5/6/10). But instead of a real discussion about what happened or, in the case of Greece, what’s happening, Hannity fixated on fear mongering about the Obama administration and suggesting that it’s only a matter o time until what’s happening there is bound to happen here. With video.

Sean Hannity: It seems to me this is the direction America’s now headed.

Fox Business News’ Charles Gasparino: “Sophisticated investors” tell me, “This is crazy. And they are extrapolating from Greece, a certain extent, to here. They’re saying, ‘This is where we’re going.”

SH: Let’s talk about worst case scenario… Now the United States is moving in that direction so why would you think anything other than the predictable result of what we see happening (in Europe)?

CG: The U.S. is not Greece but the bottom line is… we’re copying their model…

SH: The Greek protesters “purposely attacked anything representing capitalism.” …We have redistribution of the wealth now, it’s only gonna get worse… Is this ten years down the road? Does this happen in America?

CG: There’s a lot of similarities – not exact – but a lot of similarities between where we’re going and what we do and what they do.

CG: We’re playing with fire here

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