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Karl Rove Loses It With Juan Williams Over Arizona Immigration Law And Bush Administration Failure To Pass Immigration Reform

Reported by Ellen - April 30, 2010 -

Karl Rove visited the O’Reilly Factor last night (4/29/10) to discuss Arizona’s new immigration law which Rove has criticized as having “Constitutional problems.” But Rove seemed determined to avoid an honest discussion about the issue of immigration. Instead, he repeatedly tried to shift the focus by attacking President Obama and blaming him for not solving the problem, thus pushing Arizona (as Rove suggested) into passing the bill. When Williams called out Rove, noting that President Bush had failed to pass comprehensive immigration reform, Rove had a bullyboy meltdown. With video.

Williams began the interview by asking Rove, “What’s your problem,” with the Arizona law?"

Rove acknowledged he did have a problem with it but then moved on to say, “A lot of the critics… are wrong.” Then he went on a jag of defending the law.

So Williams tried again. “Tell me what are your problems?”

Once again, Rove feinted. He said, “first of all” his problem was that the bill would be used “for political purposes.” Meaning, of course, that Democrats would be able to exploit it. Rove demonstrated he had no problem at all using it right then and there for his own political exploitation.

Next, Rove attacked Obama as having “done nothing over the last year and a half to prepare the ground for comprehensive immigration reform.” He also claimed Obama had made some kind of questionable deal with Rep. Gutierrez over immigration.

Williams persisted. “But the news here is that Karl Rove is not a supporter of the Arizona law.”

Finally, Rove admitted, “There are other ways to get at it. I think there’s a serious Constitutional question that’s gonna be litigated… I think at the end of the day this bill is not likely to accomplish much.”

Williams called Rove on his tactics. “But, Karl. It sounds to me like you’re saying you don’t like this (bill)… and then you go off and you start saying, ‘Gee, why isn’t President Obama… laying the groundwork (for reform). But here’s the thing, Karl. You were in the White House with President Bush for eight years. You guys tried to get an immigration reform deal done. President Bush was very, very vociferous in saying he wanted an amnesty program and couldn’t get fellow Republicans…”

That’s when Rove began to melt down.

Very entertaining!

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