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Fox News Website Race Baiting Headline: “Did Obama Play The RACE CARD?”

Reported by Priscilla - April 26, 2010 -

Lest there be no doubt as to Fox News playing to its Jim Crow fan base, we have both the Fox News website and a lede on Fox Nation suggesting President Obama, in seeking support in the upcoming elections from minorities, women, and young people, is “playing the race card.” The Fox Nation thread, which links to the video of Obama’s comment, solicits the usual vile racist commentary straight out of the KKK. The Fox News headline, titled “In Launching Vote 2000, Did Obama Play the RACE CARD?” links to a Fox News article titled "Obama Jumps Into 2010 Race With Appeal to Latinos, African-Americans, Women and Youth." The article states that Obama has left white middle aged males (a group that has discriminated against historically – not!) “in the rear view mirror.” Nowhere is there any mention of the “race card.” But who cares about accuracy when there's a juicy, Fox media, anti-Obama propaganda theme being presented? As News Hounds Ellen reported, Drudge initiated the idea and Fox is now running with it as shown by Megyn Kelly's asking the same question. And why would readers of the Fox News website bother to read the actual article when the lede message tells them all they need to know? "Fair and balanced" Fox propaganda reinforcement at its finest!

One is not surprised to see the usual race baiting material in Fox Nation, a place for “real (white) Americans” to express their hatred and death wishes for the first African American President of the US as well as hatred and contempt for African Americans. But the Fox News website is, for the most part, fairly non partisan. Looks like the racism of Fox Nation has seeped over into Fox News which is supposed to be “fair and balanced.” But only in the bizarro world of Fox News, where white is now black, is the effort to get out the votes from a constituency seen as “playing the race card.” Looks like Fox News is playing the race card for its audience who see color in the starkest terms of black and white. But then again, big ratings winner Glenn Beck says Obama is a racist so it’s all good!!!

Oh - and way to bring minorities into the GOP tent, Fox – a tent that has “whites only” over the door! Ah, the good old days when people "knew their place"....