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Fox News "Just Asking" If Obama Played The Race Card In Midterm Election Strategy

Reported by Ellen - April 26, 2010 -

Apparently, highlighting the substance of President Obama's strategy to appeal to midterm voters in 2010 is too "liberal media" biased for Fox News. So instead, they took the Drudge headline, "OBAMA PLAYS RACE CARD: RALLIES BLACKS, LATINOS FOR '10 UPSET" and "asked," if Obama is playing the race card. The same "question" was asked by Megyn Kelly on America Live and on foxnews.com. With video.

On America Live earlier today, even Republican strategist Brad Blakeman gave a flat out endorsement to Obama's message when Kelly introduced a discussion on the "question" by "asking,"Is President Obama playing the race card in rallying the troops ahead of the midterm elections? Take a listen to who he's appealing to in a call to action video just released."

As it turned out, Republican Blakeman, no friend to Democrats, was more emphatic in his defense of Obama than Democrat Kirsten Powers was. (Video below via Media Matters)

Foxnews.com also "asked" the same "question" in the title of one of their videos, "Rallying the basae or playing the race card?" The Foxnews.com video is merely the same video Obama released.

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