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Cashin' In Host Cheryl Casone Laughs Heartily As Panel Smears Al Gore

Reported by Ellen - April 26, 2010 -

Co-authored by Brian

Saturday's Cashin' In (4/24/10) purported to discuss former Vice President Al Gore's “Inconvenient Youth,” an effort to get young people to fight, as host Cheryl Casone put it, “the so-called climate crisis.” But the discussion soon devolved into personal attacks on Gore. When another panelist said that “someone sprayed human repellent” on him, the remark got a big laugh from Casone. She did not even correct the misinformation that "people don't like" Gore. Just another “fair and balanced” discussion in Fox News’ “Cost of Freedom” business block. With video.

Casone's introduction included, and gave validation to, panelist Tracy Byrnes’ contention that Gore's initiative would "brainwash your kids and leave us all holding the tabs.”

As it turned out, Byrnes’ remarks were somewhat less inflammatory than Casone’s. Byrnes said that Gore would scare kids about climate crisis and that would lead to expensive climate measures that are not needed.

As a banner on the screen read, “Gore’s ‘Inconvenient Youth’ Will it hit taxpayers for years?’ John Layfield took cheap shots. "This cap and tax is a disaster. Al Gore, somewhere in his life, someone sprayed human repellent on him. Look, nobody likes the guy. He can't win his own state in a Presidential election because people don’t like the messenger." Well, except for the plurality of Americans who voted for him.

But rather than correct that smear, Casone laughed heartily.

Panelist Jonathan Hoenig said, "The green philosophy is about man's subordination to the environment… The green's goal is to hurt mankind."

Steve Leser was the lone liberal. "This is just kids saying, 'You know what? Today or once a week, I’m going to walk to school instead of having my parents drive me.' Or other things that they can do to save energy… We spend a billion dollars a day on energy. Most of it goes to countries that hate us."

Rather than focus on the substance, panelist Jonas Max Ferris went back to the personal attacks on Gore. "He's got a bunch of SUV's, he flies around in a jet. He was Vice President for 8 years, and did very little to save the environment… It takes personal sacrifice, he’s done none. He's got a huge house." He also said that “growing” his four children meant they had “already filled up a landfill with their toilet paper or whatever.”

That prompted more giggles from Casone.

However, Ferris did challenge the “human repellent” remark and he corrected the misinformation Casone did not. "Let's not forget more people voted for him… He actually had more votes than the last President," Ferris said.

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