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Birther Mark Williams: Tea Party Is A Human Rights Group So It Can’t Be Racist

Reported by Ellen - April 18, 2010 -

Double irony alert! Mark Williams, the birther who has described President Barack Obama as, “an Indonesian Muslim turned welfare thug and a racist in chief,” who also happens to be the chairman of the GOP astroturf group, Tea Party Express, insisted to Geraldo Rivera last night (4/17/10), “We are a human rights movement… It’s impossible for these people to be malicious or to be racist.” Then, just to show what a nice guy he is, Williams launched into a diatribe against Tea Party critics, accusing THEM of being racists. He capped it off by yelling at Geraldo Rivera that he’s afraid of the Constitution. With video.

Williams was introduced by Rivera merely as “Chairman of Tea Party Express.” Rivera did not report to the “we report, you decide” network’s audience that Williams has repeatedly questioned Obama’s citizenship. Nor did Rivera reveal just how extreme Williams is. For example, as Media Matters reported, Williams posted photos on his blog of Obama and Nancy Pelosi outfitted as terrorists. But, unfortunately for Williams, he soon outed his extremism himself.

No sooner had Williams boasted about being a “human rights group” then he started in on racial innuendo against his political opponents. Apparently, that included everyone who is not a Tea Partier. First, he claimed Congressman Emanuel Cleaver who was “allegedly spat upon has since recanted that. I don’t see that on the front page above the fold anywhere.”

Maybe because it’s not true. Williams might have been thinking of Congressman Heath Shuler who has denied having heard the n-word at the protest on Capitol Hill the day health care reform legislation passed. But Cleaver has not recanted. In fact, here’s a video of him being spat on. (at about 1:15, found via Gawker.)

There was no correction from Rivera, at least not in this segment.

Then, instead of acting like the peaceful-guy-from-a-peaceful-movement he claimed to be, Williams ramped up the hostility. “We’re the ones who were egged, we were the ones who were physically attacked in some cases and our minority members received the most vile, hateful, racist emails.”

It would have been nice if Rivera had asked Williams why, if he’s so opposed to vile, hateful, racist communiques, he had sent them, himself, on more than one occasion. In addition to calling President Obama an “Indonesian Muslim turned welfare thug” on his blog, Williams sent an email in September calling Obama “our half-white, racist president.”

Proving even more what a peaceful, rational guy he is, Williams began shouting at Rivera. “What is it about the Constitution that frightens you, Geraldo? What is it about this country and engaged citizenry… what is it that frightens you?”

“You’re gonna be what frightens me,” Rivera said.

You can give feedback to Williams at [email protected] or via his blog's contact form or to Fox News at [email protected].

Oh, and by the way, our friends at Brave New Films have at least three videos depicting racism at tea parties.

Video via Mediaite.

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