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Gretchen Carlson Is Hot For Anti Liberal Billboard Patriots

Reported by Priscilla - April 16, 2010 -

Former Miss America Gretchen Carlson does love conservative and conservative Christian billboards. Recently, she provided some free publicity and good Christian fellowship to a couple of good Christians who erected godly billboards to fight evil atheist billboards. She and her morning chums also showed some love for a couple of Florida teabagging dudes who but up a billboard urging the folks to vote libruls out. So are we surprised to see that Gretch had her best smiley face and best smiley voice for two more Florida billboard guys whose public billboard erections are the same old, same old anti Obama, anti librul billboards. Lil Gretch was just flushed with excitement over these “patriots.”

Gretchen had a great big smile (not shown for Christopher Hitchens) when she introduced the topic. As the camera moved in closer to her pretty face, she said, in her best breathless voice, that “you’ve seen them before and guess what, they’re popping up again.” You could feel the passion as she described the billboards “being posted throughout the country expressing anger with the federal government and out of control spending.” The video showed some billboards, one of which had a great, big photo of Obama. More happy voice as she talked about Florida billboards which use the Constitution as a “theme to send a message to members of Congress.” In an almost teasing voice, she asked “and who is behind this latest craze.” She showed a video that, in urging folks to “vote out liberals,” cited the 10th (ah, love the smell of secession) Amendment and had “In God We Trust” in a lower corner. (Hey Gretch, that phrase is nowhere in the Constitution!). Observing that one fellow, Emil Di Motta, was wearing a flag motif tie, Gretch, ever a fan of the well dressed patriot, gushed that “I see the patriotism even goes to the ties.” You could feel the heat when she seductively smiled and said “I like that.” She was almost panting when she said that Emil had a “long storied history of being patriotic.” She cited his having graduated from Annapolis and being a naval veteran. She asked why it was so important to put up the billboards “heralding the Constitution” Di Motta said that he was inspired by another billboard put up by a friend. Carlson then turned her loving feeling toward the other man, Kevin Kitto, who, as Gretch pointed out, was born in New Zealand. She said that “she found it intriguing that somebody who wasn’t born here is now so incredibly patriotic about the US Constitution." He feels that property rights “are being eroded by governments…” He added that young people don’t understand that their property rights and freedom are being eroded. Emil said that more billboards will be erected. To Gretch’s question about the reaction to the billboards, Kevin claimed that the comments he got at his Rotary were “very positive” and sent “out a great message.” Carlson told them that they are “great Americans.” As she thanked them for sharing their story, you could see a palpable sigh of satisfaction.

Comment: Do ya think that Gretchen would have been as stimulated by billboards which protested the Bush “War of Choice” which cost both treasure and blood? Did she think the anti war protesters were “great Americans?” Did any of them get a warm and welcome appearance on Fox & Friends? But I really thought that Jesus was Gretchen’s main man. After today’s love fest, I would say that Gretch might be getting her satisfaction elsewhere!