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Bill O’Reilly Endorses Lila Rose’s Planned Parenthood “Sting” Video

Reported by Priscilla - April 16, 2010 -

Bill O’Reilly is no fan of Planned Parenthood. But he is a fan of sting videos regardless of whether they’re done by his paid stalker, Jesse T Watters, or Lila Rose of “Live Action.” Lila is a darling of the anti-choice zealots because her “passion” is going to Planned Parenthood in order to “prove,” via “undercover” videos, that they are breaking the law regarding reporting of statutory rape and various other things that Rose & Co. seek to make into a “gotcha.” Sweet lil Lila has appeared, several times, on the “Factor” as well as appearing on Glenn Beck and Sean Hannity’s shows. In December of 2008, she told Bill about the “national problem” of Planned Parenthood covering up sexual abuse on a “nation wide” scale. Not surprisingly, Bill took her word at face value. Lila hopes that her sting videos will result in prosecution and defunding of Planned Parenthood. So it’s not surprising that her latest “Live Action” video is getting free publicity from Bill O’Reilly whose views on choice and his hatred of Planned Parenthood are right in synch with Lila Rose’s. Bill’s segment, two nights ago, was a nice “two-fer” as it showed Planned Parenthood in a negative light and it allowed Bill to provide another shout out to his anti-choice pals.

Lila, who began her sting career with the assistance of famous non pimp, James O’Keefe, has a new video which purports to show a Planned Parenthood assistant giving non medical information to a woman whose pregnancy test is positive. After describing what Rose does, O’Reilly might have been doing a bit of projection when he asserted that “some people believe that Planned Parenthood wants women to have abortions. They want that to happen. They make money from it.” He showed the video which is causing outrage in the anti-choice community because it supposedly is medically inaccurate. The video, at a Milwaukee clinic, appears to show the Planned Parenthood staffer advising a client who is seeking an abortion. The staffer says that “the earlier you make the decision, the better” as it is less stressful. The patient was told that the price is less if the procedure is done earlier. The staffer was obviously referring to the lurid graphics (which are challenged by the mainstream medical community), which the anti-choicers use in order to intimidate women when they enter a clinic, when she said that despite the pictures and the accusation of Planned Parenthood throwing babies in the garbage, that wasn’t true. She said that “it’s not arms and legs, it’s just embryos.” Bill wanted to know if Planned Parenthood was “trying to talk this woman into having an abortion.” Jane Skinner said that the tape was edited and the full tape hasn’t been released. (Hmm, shades of ACORN tapes!) Skinner said that based on what is heard, it’s “pretty outrageous.” She added that the clinic is required by law to give accurate medical information and “that’s not accurate information.” Bill, not a lawyer, said “that’s a violation of the law, right there.” Skinner said that despite Rose’s claim that they forward these types of videos to state’s attorneys-general, there have been no charges which have come from the videos. Papa Bill said “Planned Parenthood is a very powerful organization. Do you think this is a worthy enterprise by Miss Rose to do this kind of thing?” Skinner said that Rose “gets a fair amount of attention from it” because of tax dollars that go to Planned Parenthood. Bill said that “it was like the ACORN thing. It’s not as egregious as that.” He then put his “imprimatur” on the video when he said “I believe, from this tape, that this woman was trying to talk the girl out of an abortion. That’s what I believe.”

Comment: What is “egregious” is that some of James O’Keefe's ACORN videos were, according to the legal authorities, doctored. As such, Brooklyn prosecutors cleared ACORN of any wrong doing. The California Attorney General is investigating videos taken in his state. However, you didn’t hear any reference to that from Bill. But it’s all good as Bill is already getting props from the anti-choice community. Anti-choice crazy, Jill Stanek, said that she was “glad that O’Reilly agreed with the obvious.” Actually, it isn’t obvious at all. Last week, Milwaukee prosecutors declined to charge Planned Parenthood of any violations which Lila’s video supposedly showed. The Deputy District Attorney said that “facts did not support (Rose’s) the conclusion.” So instead of making an “ex-cathedra” statement, perhaps Pope Bill should wait until the facts are examined otherwise it’s just papal bull. But as effective Bill O’Reilly anti-choice propaganda, it’s holy writ – or something that rhymes with that!