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Karl Rove Helps Advance Tea Party Express’ “Grass Roots” Fiction And Hide Its GOP Affiliation

Reported by Ellen - April 15, 2010 -

As I posted earlier, the Tea Party Express has been outed by Politico as a GOP PAC. But Karl Rove appeared on Happening Now today to further the fiction that it’s a grass roots organization and to obscure its Republican Party affiliation. Host Jane Skinner aided and abetted in the falsehood. To add insult to journalistic injury, Fox News called the video “Tea Party’s True Colors.” With video.

Skinner began her interview with Rove by referring to a NY Times poll indicating that tea party supporters are “wealthier and more educated than the general public.” She did not mention the Politico story we reported on yesterday revealing that the Tea Party Express is a Republican-affiliated PAC raising money to support Republican candidates and attack Democratic ones – as part of an effort to raise its own political profile.

As Skinner spoke, we saw footage of what the Fox News banner described, as “Tea Party Express hold(ing) rally in Washington’s Freedom Plaza.”

Rove ignored the poll, saying he had not had a chance to read it other than what had been published by the Times and added that there was a “hint of” in the poll what he had personally observed, that the movement is really a grassroots effort. “These are people who heretofore have largely been spectators, not participants. These are not activists.” Maybe so, if you don't count the professional Republican operatives.

Skinner did not dispute Rove's assertion. But she did ask for more information on a recent op-ed by him about how Republicans can win in 2010, even though that had nothing to do with any tea party. “You said the Republicans this year need to connect the dot and they will be successful. Quickly, what do you mean?”

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