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Megyn Kelly Promotes Pro Papal Propaganda

Reported by Priscilla - April 13, 2010 -

Megyn Kelly’s show, “America Live,” is supposed to be part of the “news” line-up on Fox. Right? So if it’s “news,” then why did she do a “news” piece that was a blatant attack on both the NY Times and the man who provided them with relevant information regarding a pedophilia case in the Catholic Church? If Kelly’s show is part of the “real journalism,” so touted by Fox, why did she use the word “attack” rather than "report," when describing the Times article? Why did she have, as her guest, a spokesperson from the Catholic cable channel – a spokesperson who has written a glowing biography of Mother Angelica, the woman who founded EWTN. I don’t get it. Somebody help me out! One thing is for sure, not only does the “Papa Razi” have the Swiss Guards; but he has Fox News to protect him. We know that Benedict is “God’s Rotweiller.” Is Megyn Kelly Benedict's pit bull?

As I noted, when Gretchen hosted Fox News Watch, she carefully scripted her questions so as to advance the Vatican meme that the Pope is being persecuted by the evil, librul media – especially the NY Times. Megyn Kelly’s piece, April 7th, began with Kelly reporting on “the Vatican firing back today, after a series of attacks on the Pope and how the church handles some child abuse allegations against different priests.” (Interesting – reports which detail a Vatican culture of secrecy and inaction regarding sexual abuse of minors is considered an “attack?” Really?) She added that the Catholic News Agency has revealed that the source for the NY Times article, about a Wisconsin Catholic sexually abusive priest, is an attorney who is “representing clients involved in several big lawsuits against the church.” Kelly continued with the editorializing and propagandizing: “The Times in taking its shots” (“it’s" and "shots” were spoken slowly and with emphasis) “did not disclose this information.” She reiterated that the source was a “plaintiff’s attorney” and then played a video of Jeff Anderson speaking about how the trails of sexual abuse, by Catholic clergy, lead to Rome. She then introduced Raymond Arroyo of EWTN. She said that the Catholic Church sexual abuse “controversy” has been “getting a lot of attention” including a “scathing article" in the NY Times. She added that the documents, provided to the Times, were provided by “this plaintiff’s lawyer.” She claimed that Anderson has “bragged” about his “60 million dollar stake.” She wanted to know if this changes the fact that they Pope, “according to some,” may have helped priests avoid sanctions. Arroyo said that this “60 million dollar man is at the heart of this new story.” He added that as Anderson is also suing the Vatican in two states, “he’s also trying to widen the litigation pool.” Arroyo asserted that if “you look at the facts of the case,” it’s “difficult to tie the Pope to these cases.” Megyn provided the backstory for the Wisonsin case which, she claimed, “is the biggest controversy.” (Uh, Megyn, it’s just one of many big controversies!). After her comment, Arroyo said “so they say.” Arroyo then proceeded to blame the local bishop for not doing anything and said that “there’s a lot of misinformation, here” and at the end of the day, “we have to question the sources.”

Kelly cited the Vatican’s “counterattack” which alleges that the “attacks are not motivated by concern for children. These attacks are motivated by hatred of the Catholic church and its leaders.” (Kelly could have added that the Vatican is blaming gays for this “petty gossip”). Arroyo said that the church can be “flatfooted when it comes to responding to these things” and can adopt a “siege mentality.” (D’uuuh!!!) He then asserted that Ratzinger is not involved in this case involving “heinous crimes if all of this is true.”

Comment: Nice bit of apologia here in addition to a personal attack on a man who is seeking justice for those who have been wronged. Anderson has already won tens of millions for his clients so it wouldn’t appear that the cases, against the Catholic Church, have been frivolous. But regardless of his role in the case, the documents which he presented, to the NY Times, were vetted and did indicate that the office that Ratzinger presided over halted a church trial despite Arroyo’s claim to the contrary. And despite Kelly’s claim about Anderson’s having “bragged” about his winnings, Anderson has stated that “it’s not about the money.” David Clohessy, National Director for “Survivors Network For Those Abused By Priests” said, "Jeff doesn't get sole credit, and he wouldn't claim it, but he was among the very first to see the magnitude of this cover-up and is still among the most dedicated to its undoing." As an attorney, shouldn’t Megyn Kelly recognize that Anderson is fighting for his clients against a sovereign nation and international religious organzation that has engaged in a culture of secrecy regarding priests who have committed the most heinous crimes against children whose safety they were entrusted with? But rather than presenting a “fair and balanced,” segment about this Wisonsin case, Kelly and Arroyo attack the messenger while aiding and abetting the Vatican meme that the Pope is being viciously “attacked.”

And this is part of the Fox “News” line-up?”