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Sean Hannity Cries Wolf On “Emboldening Our Enemies”

Reported by Ellen - April 7, 2010 -

Predictably, instead of a rational and informative discussion about what is or is not in President Obama’s new nuclear policy, Sean Hannity used it for sensationalized partisanship that was designed to do nothing except arouse the audience’s fear and hatred toward Obama. He did so last night (4/6/10) by trotting out his old chestnut of an accusation, that Obama is weakening national security and emboldening our enemies. Does that sound familiar? It should, because Hannity spent most of the Bush administration attacking the left for emboldening our enemies when they criticized Bush. But now Hannity has completely forgotten that criticizing the president during a time of war is dangerous for national security. If you believed Hannity the first time, then there’s no other way to look at what he’s doing now as anything but waving his arms and shouting “Lookey here! Here’s where we’re vulnerable!” to those same enemies. And for help with the new charges, he trotted out his fellow chickenhawk, Newt Gingrich. With video.

For context, let’s take a stroll down memory lane. Let’s play the “Who said it?” game that Hannity loves so much. Who said, about Democrats that “Their rhetoric” about the Iraq war, “has emboldened our enemies”

Who, in February 2007, called a resolution to withdraw troops from Iraq, the “Embolden Our Enemies Act?”

Who said, about Democratic criticisms of President Bush, “There's been a whole series of outrageous things said that embolden our enemies and undermine our troop morale.”

Did you guess Sean Hannity? You’d be right. And yet, Hannity has never found a single actually emboldened enemy he could pin on the left or the Democrats. If he could have, you can rest assured he would have.

Yet last night, Hannity was at it again, with a new reason to cry wolf accuse Democrats of emboldening our enemies, this time with the same tactic he had previously claimed was the cause of the last “emboldening:” by criticizing our president’s national security decisions.

Chickenhawk Gingrich, of course, helped him with the attacks. There was no Democrat or even a military expert to speak on behalf the Obama administration as balance on the “fair and balanced” network.

“This is going to embolden our adversaries,” Hannity told Gingrich last night, betting, apparently, that his audience was not going to say, in the words of sainted Ronald Reagan, "There he goes again!"

Gingrich agreed, “He (Obama) is potentially the most dangerous… This is a typical pattern on the left… I think that the term ‘dangerous’ is a very legitimate term to raise.”

As the two went on to accuse Obama of appeasing our enemies and attacking our allies (plus one of Hannity’s obsessive swipes at Rev. Wright), Hannity could not even get his facts straight as he wrongly alleged that Obama had given up the right to retaliate in the event of a biological or chemical weapons attack.

Let’s be clear, I do not and never did think that legitimate debate emboldens our enemies and, even if it did, that would not be a reason to halt it. But how many times is Hannity going to play this card without Fox News requiring him to back up his claim with some real, you know, facts?

By the way, it’s been nearly a year since Hannity agreed to be waterboarded for charity. Has he chickened out? Feel free to ask him that and other questions about emboldening the enemy and the substance of Obama's nuclear policy at [email protected].