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Sen. Tom Coburn Tells Town Hall: "Don't Catch Yourself Being Biased By Fox News"

Reported by Ellen - April 6, 2010 -

Color us surprised. Senator Tom Coburn, one of the most conservative Republicans in the Senate, has publicly knocked Fox News and told his constituents at a Town Hall meeting not to believe everything they see or hear on the "fair and balanced" network. It was part of an effort to tamp down angry rhetoric at a town hall meeting. I think Coburn deserves our kudos for it.

As CBS News reported, Coburn defended Nancy Pelosi from an angry Town Hall attendee by saying,

"I'm 180 degrees in opposition to the speaker -- she's a nice lady," he said. The crowd could be heard responding unfavorably to his characterization.

"Come on now, she is a nice -- how many of you all have met her?" continued Coburn. "She's a nice person. She's a nice person."

"Just because somebody disagrees with you doesn't mean they're not a good person."

CBS also reported,

Coburn suggested that a woman who said "they can put us in prison" for not obtaining health insurance under the health care reform bill is misinformed.

"The intention is not to put anybody in jail," he said. "That makes for good TV news on Fox but that isn't the intention."

Politico reported,

“What we have to have is make sure we have a debate in this country so that you can see what’s going on and make a determination yourself,” Coburn added and then again warned the crowd against the myths perpetrated by Fox News.

“So don’t catch yourself being biased by Fox News that somebody is no good. The people in Washington are good. They just don’t know what they don’t know,” Coburn said.

Please consider thanking Coburn for being responsible and putting his citizenship over partisanship. You can contact him via his web mail.