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Bill O’Reilly Claims Rancher “Killed By Illegal Immigrant” – But That Ain’t Necessarily So!

Reported by Priscilla - March 31, 2010 -

I know that Bill O’Reilly isn’t an attorney; but he still should be aware of that old American axiom of “innocent until proven guilty.” I do know that Bill O’Reilly has a graduate degree in journalism, from a good school, and that begs the question of why he would write a journalistically irresponsible headline that pronounces guilt in a situation that is far from being adjudicated. On his own website, Bill has a section, “No Spin News,” where he excerpts sections of reports from other media outlets. The whole article is available with those with longer attention spans. Bill selects the headline for the excerpt – headlines which make his claim of “no spin news” just another Bill O’Reilly spin – or, in today’scase, perhaps we could even say it was – uh – a lie? But who cares about truth when you have a right wing propaganda point to make - especially if the propaganda is about "illegal immigrants."

Today we have an excerpt, from the Arizona Daily Star, titled “Neighbors demand action after rancher killed by illegal immigrant.” The excerpted article describes the recent killing of a rancher along the Arizona/Mexico border. Yesterday, Fox News featured this story as the lede for most of the day. Nativist right wing blogs are also running with it. But according to the actual Arizona Daily Star article, titled "Cochise ranch area outraged by killing," “Investigators have determined the shooting was carried out by one person, but they don't know anything about the person.They believe it was an illegal immigrant because Krentz was heard telling his brother on two-way radio "illegal alien" and because the area is a known smuggling corridor.” There has been no arrest; but Bill O’Reilly has decided who is to blame. Not only is he America’s Daddy – but he’s America’s judge and jury whose powers of prognostication have determined that if there’s a crime, an illegal alien must be to blame.