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Palin’s Politics of Personal Responsibility in Tatters; Daughter Willow Avoids Criminal Charges

Reported by Guest Blogger - March 30, 2010 -

Guest blogged by Aunty Em

New information coming out about Willow Palin today may make it impossible for Serial Quitter and Fox News Personality Sarah Palin to preach the politics of “personal responsibility” ever again. Expect this to break wide today, maybe even in the lamestream media, as Palin herself might call it. If the National Enquirer doesn’t get the Pulitzer Prize with its outing of the John Edwards affair — in which the tabloid scooped the whole wide world — maybe their reporting back in January on Willow Palin’s trouble with the cops might do it.

The roots of this story go back to The Palins’ vacation in the sunny climes of Hawaii. Remember that one? The media had it that The Palins fled the island after she was caught blacking out John McCain’s name on a visor. Until today, we all bought that story, which appears to have played into Palin’s hands because she needed us to buy that story. It now appears to have just been a convenient coincidence. Maybe her father didn’t get the word in time, because he also tried to provide cover for the family with an even stranger cover story, which alluded to racism on Palin's part.

Now as we learn on The Immoral Minority web site, the retreat from Hawaii might have nothing to do with the visor whatsoever. The timing is suspicious because that’s also around the time when State Troopers in Alaska were giving Willow Palin and her pals the third degree in Wasilla.

What allegedly REALLY happened that brought the Palins to cut short their vacay in paradise? Alleged ringleader Willow Palin and her allegedly no-goodnik friends allegedly broke into an empty house and partied like it was allegedly 1999, causing more than $20,000 in alleged damage to the house which was allegedly on the market.

Was Willow charged with a crime? Not exactly. Does “circle the wagons” mean anything?

According to sources close to the Alaska State troopers there was a secret weekend meeting. This meeting took place between the Palin’s [sic] and some very highly placed people involved in the juvenile justice department. Directly after this secret meeting the word came down to the juvenile justice probation officer, Chris Evans, that ONLY the boys who had participated would be charged with the crime. The girls would only be identified as “witnesses” and face no criminal penalties.

How is this being received by some of the “Law and Order”-types up in Alaska?

This has made the State Troopers and those working in the juvenile justice department very, very unhappy. But there was nothing they could do, the Palins had connections, and for them apparently the law simply did not apply.

For a time, this was being kept fairly quiet up in small town Alaska, but it would appear that some people have had it with The Reign of Terror unleashed by Sarah Palin:

During a conversation with one of my sources I asked why people are still so intimidated by the Palins, and listened to a laundry list of shattered lives left in their wake. Some I already knew, but a few I had never heard of before. Sarah has been running roughshod over the people of the Mat-Su Valley since her days as mayor of Wasilla, as first pointed out in Anne Kilkenney's famous letter back in September 2008. and apparently nothing has changed. Nor will it until the people who have been bullied or victimized by her stand up and say, "Not just no, but HELL NO!"

Will we hear about Willow’s troubles with the law on Fox News? Will Willow be charged with a crime? Will the lamestream media pick up this story? Tune in to our next exciting episode of “North to Alaska.”

With all my love,

Aunty Em