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Glenn Beck Issues Guidelines To Help You Know If Your Church Has Been Infiltrated By Marxists

Reported by Ellen - March 24, 2010 -

In one of his more bizarre shows yesterday (3/23/10), Glenn Beck lectured us on the dangers of Marxists infiltrating churches. If we’re not careful, he explained, we’ll wind up like Latin America where the infiltration has already occurred! He also gave out handy tips so that his audience can recognize the difference between Jesus’ teachings and Commie propaganda. This being Beck, he also tied it into Obama (who, as any Beck fan knows, is the second coming of Marx), and Obama’s latest commie preacher, Rev. Jim Wallis. Apparently, this is the start of the attacks on Wallis Beck promised in lieu of accepting Wallis’ challenge to a public debate. And in the most bizarre (and self-centered) twist of all, Beck suggested that Obama/Wallis might try to kill him. With video.

Helpful tip #1 for determining whether your church might be an undercover commie operation: Beck counseled, “Many churches use this term (“social justice”) as an outreach to the poor… The term ‘social justice’ has been completely perverted and hijacked by progressives… It doesn’t simply mean ‘help the poor’ to them. It does to some people and maybe your church. But be very careful when you see those words. Because you have to know who you’re dealing with. Are you dealing with somebody who believes it’s just coming from the heart? Or are you dealing with a progressive?”

Never one to underestimate his own significance, Beck continued, “America, this is extremely important! Here is my definition of ‘social justice!’”

He went to his trusty chalkboard where he had the definition written out: “Forced redistribution of wealth with a hostility towards individual property rights under the guise of charity and/or justice.”

Helpful Tip #2 to determine if your church might be an undercover commie operation: Any sign of Obama’s pastors or their teachings? If so, run like the dickens or else we might turn into Latin America!

Beck expounded, “If you see (the kind of social or economic justice that Wallis or Wright promotes), you should run from it or at least get educated on what the progressives mean by this, so you’ll recognize it if somebody perverts it. I know it’s a crazy idea to say, ‘Get out of your church,’ if that’s what they’re preaching. But I would like to show you one man who did take my advice.”

Beck turned to a larger-than life photo of Barack Obama, suggesting that he, Glenn Beck, was singularly responsible for Obama’s decision to leave Rev. Wright’s church.

Beck continued, “This kind of social justice being preached in Rev. Wright-style churches, not only resembles what many of these radical progressives and socialist and communist groups preach, it IS what they preach.”

Beck leaned forward into the camera and said in his soft, serious voice. “When you’re in church sometimes, it’s easy, easy not to see it. But that’s why it’s there. That’s what happened to Latin America a long time ago. The Marxists infiltrated the churches. Look it up.”

Helpful Tip #3 Beck explains the warning signs of Marxism infiltration: “Here’s a simple rule of thumb. Make sure your church puts God first and politics and government last… Here’s a clear warning sign: social justice, economic justice, or ecological justice. Got it? Those are the warning signs.”

Helpful Tip #4, so important, it should probably be #1: Progressives, not Beck, are always the real bad guys, no matter what anyone else says. Beck held up the villainous Father Charles Coughlin, with whom Beck has been compared, and once again missing the point about why, Beck whined, “I’m Coughlin? No, Jim Wallis is Coughlin. Jeremiah Wright is Coughlin.“

Helpful Tip #5: How to know if you’re doing Jesus’ work and not the commies’: Beck leaned even further into the camera and said, “I want to make this very clear. Some people look at social justice as going out on a mission. And if that’s the way your church looks at it and you’re just out there doing good because Jesus tells you to go do good and you are volunteering your time, that’s good. As long as Jesus or your church or your synagogue, whoever, that it’s God that you’re serving and not a government-bloated program. For example, if your church is preaching social justice in education and your church is doing it themselves… great, do it! That is exactly what your church should be doing.”

Helpful tip #6: Watch out for any talk about morality, a sure sign that evil is afoot. Beck advised, “Let me make it extraordinarily clear to you. Every issue this government is bringing up right now is being framed as a moral issue… Remember, we’re talking about the extreme left. Now, the extreme left is talking to me about moral issues. Moral issues. Didn’t the extreme left have a problem with the Moral Majority? …Why is it that the extreme left is now talking about social justice, moral responsibilities, etc., etc.? Why?

Helpful Tip #7: Remember! Even if your church is safe (for the moment), the evil, Marxist, progressive Obama administration and their evil, Marxist preacher henchmen are looking for ways to penetrate and infect your place of worship. Beck warned, “The left understands if there is a wall you can’t get around, you need to go into like smoke through cracks. You need to infect it and destroy it. If you don’t destroy it, use it for yourself.

We’re now being taught by social justice, extreme leftist preachers about your Christian duty to have a big government or big government programs, like health care. And immigration. And all the issues are being framed around morality.

This is why you must be careful. Jesus preached many things but he never preached Marxism. If you voluntarily want to live in a commune, I can see Jesus saying, ‘That’s cool.’ …But I never heard him say, ‘Take from someone and give it to someone else.’ In fact, I’m pretty sure we got that tip not just from Jesus but also from the original Jewish religious leader, Moses.”

Helpful Tip #8: Don’t forget that it’s really all about Beck. Shoving his fist at the camera, Beck shouted, “Thou shalt not steal. Thou shalt not covet… And for those who say somehow or another that I am distorting the socialist view of social justice, oh, my goodness. Thou shalt not bear false witness against thy brother.

Holy cow, you’ve broken three commandments. Three of them… all on one principle. And for those of you in the administration who are coming after me on this one – I mean, remember, you’ve broken three. Let’s not make it four. Thou shalt not kill.”

Helpful Tip #9: When you’re too chicken to debate a pastor, go on the offensive with outlandish, melodramatic and unfounded accusations and hope it camouflages your cowardice.