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Bill O’Reilly Advances Christian Right Attack On Girl Scouts & Planned Parenthood

Reported by Priscilla - March 19, 2010 -

It’s no secret that the Christian right does not like Planned Parenthood and because they don’t like Planned Parenthood, they aren’t too happy about the Girl Scouts. In 2004, a Girl Scout troop ,in Texas, was attacked by members of the American Taliban (whoops, conservative Christians) because the local groups had given a “woman of distinction award” to a Planned Parenthood executive. Pro-Life Waco was also pissed because the Girl Scout organization had, for years, endorsed a Planned Parenthood sex ed program in which boys and girls were taught about (gasp) homosexuality. A call for a boycott of Girl Scout Cookies was declared. It’s 2010 and the Girls Scouts are, again, in the crossfire of far right Christians who are making a scurrilous and unsubstantiated accusation against the Girl Scouts. So are we surprised that this would be a subject for Bill O’Reilly who, like his religious fellow travelers, isn’t a fan of Planned Parenthood? But in advancing the unsubstantiated smear of Planned Parenthood, he’s also advancing a smear of the Girl Scouts and that’s not very nice!

Bill began the segment by reporting that the Catholic Family and Human Rights Institute has accused Planned Parenthood of “distributing sexually explicit materials to Girl Scouts who attended a conference.” He didn’t say that this organization is a far right anti choice group that was started by Human Life International, a group which, because it accuses the Jews of “running the abortion industry,” is considered, by the ADL, to be anti-Semitic. O’Reilly noted that the Girl Scouts deny the allegation; but the group is sticking to its story. Margaret Hoover said that she was in contact with the Girl Scouts who state that there were seven adults in the room where this supposed sexually explicit material was distributed and neither Planned Parenthood nor the Catholic organization were present. When she said that nobody in the room saw the material, Bill noted that “they sent the material to us and it’s pretty bad.” Hoover said that it’s on line. Hoover added that another Catholic organization is “sticking up for the Girl Scouts” to which Bill said “they weren’t there either so how do they know?” Gretchen Carlson said that if this were true, eventually one of the Girls Scouts will divulge this fact. She said that the Girls Scouts assert that they are not affiliated with any political organization and that if they are proved wrong then their reputation is on the line. When Hoover said that the Girl Scouts questioned each girl in the room, O’Reilly questioned the credibility of the girls questioned and those questioning them when he said “but you’re taking their word for it.” He quickly did a “save” by saying, “look, look, I wasn’t there and I don’t like Planned Parenthood; but I want to be fair to them.” (ROFLMAO!) When Hoover commented “you want to be fair to the Girl Scouts,” Bill said that “the Girl Scouts haven’t been accused of anything.” (Excuse me, they are being accused of allowing Planned Parenthood to deliver sexually inappropriate material.) When Hoover, correctly, said they are, Bill launched into patronizing papa mode when he insisted that it’s Planned Parenthood that’s being accused. He affirmed what appears to be a lie when he said “when you look at the subtext, it was Planned Parenthood that came in and distributed. Girl Scouts didn’t know anything about it.” Hoover looked irritated when Bill said “Girl Scouts aren’t culpable.” Bill, not a lawyer, said that the “evidence is not beyond a reasonable doubt that Planned Parenthood did anything.” He said that he agreed with Carlson that “if a girl comes forward to say that they handed this to me, we’ll put it on the air.” He didn’t allow Hoover to make another comment because he had to talk about how parents should “process” the new Lady Gaga video.

Comment: Thanks to Bill O’Reilly and Fox News – which has the O’Reilly video, “Shocking Girl Scout Controversy” listed on the Fox News home page as one of the top videos – for aiding and abetting what appears to be a violation of at least two commandments on the part of a far right anti-choice, religious organization. This allegation is not only disgusting, it’s bizarre; but America’s Daddy, who wants to be “fair” to Planned Parenthood, seems to think that there could be some truth to the rumor. Credit goes to Carlson and Hoover for attempting to defend the Girl Scouts. But because Bill is America’s Daddy, he is the authority and his word is final!. Thus, his audience is left with Bill’s questions about the veracity of those involved; so as subtle propaganda, this was quite effective. This is only a controversy because other right wing groups such as Bill’s pals, The Family Research Council are making it so. In addition to Family Research Council, which awarded Bill with the “Courage Award” for his role in creating a climate of anti-choice hostility that resulted in the murder of Dr. Tiller, Concerned Women for America, Catholic Online, Life News are also on board with the smear campaign. Kathryn Jean Lopez wrote an article about this in the conservative National Review. The Girl Scouts state, in a press release, “The Girl Scouts of the USA was not contacted by Catholic Family & Human Rights Institute (C-FAM) regarding its initial story to discuss the facts of this event. Had they applied these basic journalistic standards, perhaps the true details of this event would have been reported.”.But thanks to “journalist” Bill O’Reilly, the true details of this event have been muddied. But who cares about details when you’re peddling anti-choice propaganda. Bill O’Reilly obviously doesn’t!