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Hannity Blatantly Targets Democrats For Health Care Push

Reported by Ellen - March 16, 2010 -

Fox News might as well just officially announce itself as the communications arm of the GOP, especially the Hannity show, and save us all the “fair and balanced” charade. On last night’s (3/15/10) Hannity show, Sean Hannity and his guests all but started a telethon offering their viewers a free ShamWow for each phone call or email they made in opposition to the Democratic health care reform bill. With video.

First, Dick Morris implored the Hannity audience to donate for anti-health care reform ads. Then, minutes later, as the video below shows, Sean Hannity began to display the photos, names and states of Democrats who remain undecided.

Hannity began, “As we enter this very critical week, House Democrats still appear to be short of the magic number of 216. Now, a handful of Democrats still appear to be undecided so starting tonight, we’re gonna let you know who they are.”

Then, as if that were not blatant enough, Hannity immediately brought on Republican Congressman Mike Pence who announced, “Your viewers ought to know that list that you’re producing is enormously helpful but if they want the shorthand version, this issue is probably gonna be resolved mostly in Pennsylvania, Ohio and my beloved Indiana… The Congressional delegations from those three states need to be hearing from people. Emails are the surest way to get through but working the phones… I really do believe the Democrats at this hour don’t have the votes… I’m hopeful that we’re gonna turn this thing back.”

Later, Pence said, “I really do believe the American people are in charge here. Democrats – rank and file Democrats know that. And the more folks can continue to articulate that, the more we have a shot at scrapping this bill.”

Just before the segment ended, Hannity asked, “If we (my emphasis) stop it this week, is it dead?”

Pence replied, “If we stop it this week, I think the government takeover of health care is dead but we gotta keep working on health care reform that focuses on lowering the cost of health insurance but we don’t have to grow the size of government to do that.”

It’s touching to see Pence with such a fire in his belly to lower the cost of health insurance. Maybe I’m wrong, but I can’t remember him with such concern during any of the years the Republicans were in the majority. But he really needs to know that it’s not just cost of health insurance that’s a problem, it’s coverage, as anyone who has tried to get a new policy with a pre-existing condition surely knows.

You can write him about that here. And while you’re at it, why not ask him when he plans to give up HIS government-provided health insurance since it’s such a bad thing. Or is it a case of do as Pence says, not as he does?

Again, since he's such a fan of contacting Congress, you can reach Pence via his Congressional website. You can also contact the Hannity show at [email protected].