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Glenn Beck Wants You To Sacrifice Your Car To Fight His War On Education

Reported by Ellen - March 7, 2010 -

Glenn Beck, the multi-millionaire who loves his country so much he’d cry for it, has a new sacrifice he wants viewers to make on behalf of his latest war. You may recall he recently suggested his audience should sacrifice their fortunes and maybe their lives (but God, he hopes it doesn’t come to that) to fight the threats from progressives. More recently, Beck thought y’all should give up your Social Security and Medicare because it would be good for us – and it would help him fight his war on entitlements. On Friday (3/5/10), Beck asked his viewers to sell their cars so that they could pull their kids out of public schools in order to help him fight his war on public education. "Or our republic will be lost." With video.

The whole show was a “special” (read: Beck took the day off) devoted to “indoctrination in America.” But other than attacking the recent student protests against tuition hikes and education cuts – and the call for viewers to give up their cars – the rest was pretty much a rehash of past talking points: mocking Meghan McCain, attacking public education as socialism (another thing we should give up, to help fight the commies), etc. He probably brought up Van Jones somewhere but I've forgotten.

Beck spent a good deal of time ridiculing and smearing the student protesters. Their protest signs, he said, were “eerily reminiscent of communist propaganda” and “almost like it’s appealing to people who speak Spanish.” The students, themselves, were so un-American as to consider education as a right.

“Education is not a right. It’s a privilege,” Beck shrieked, ignoring the fact that our laws indicate otherwise. According to Beck, it’s all a gimmick to enslave the poor, “keeping them down for your own political purposes. This is really why the President has such a problem with the Constitution.” Maybe you can understand what he meant. I couldn't.

One thing I did understand. All those sacrifices that Beck wants other people to make would benefit his pocketbook by reducing his high-bracket tax bill.

Beck ranted on, “Our children are being taught to be slaves to government.” He said it with such emotional melodrama, I thought he might bust a sob right then and there. His effort for the cause.

In the next segment, the second video below, Beck made his impassioned plea at about 50 seconds in. “Sell a car if you have to. Get your kids out of this indoctrination. Or our republic will be lost.”

Once again, Beck never did say what sacrifices he’d be making.

Update: News Hounds regular, Hula, has posted his own video version of part of this segment, with his satirical commentary inserted, here.