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While Lecturing About Importance Of Telling The Truth, Beck Misinforms About Obama And ACORN

Reported by Ellen - February 24, 2010 -

Yesterday (2/23/10), Glenn Beck revisited the old Obama/ACORN video he and many others hyped the day before. Along with his Fox News colleagues, Beck once again tried to turn the sow’s ear of the 2007 video, in which then-Senator Barack Obama pitched ACORN leaders about being in synch with the organization, into a GOP silk purse that somehow proved Obama had lied about his relationship with ACORN during the campaign. And while he was spinning the fabrication, Beck lectured his own audience about the importance of telling the truth. With video.

“We’re gonna talk about lies today,” Beck said at the opening of his show. As he stood at his trusty chalkboard, Beck lectured to us about the two kinds of lies, “the lie we tell ourselves” and “the bold-faced lie” which he described as “the real danger.”

Beck cited as examples of bold-faced lies two Republicans: Richard Nixon saying he’s not a crook, George H.W. Bush saying, “read my lips: no new taxes.” The other five examples were all from Democrats: John Edwards denying he had cheated on his wife, Bill Clinton on Monica Lewinsky, Al Gore on global warming and Nancy Pelosi saying she had not known that waterboarding was being used as an “enhanced interrogation” technique. Beck didn’t even bother to find any current Republican lies like Dick Cheney saying, “Simply stated, there is no doubt that Saddam Hussein now has weapons of mass destruction,” or Donald Rumsfeld saying about WMD’s, “We know where they are. They're in the area around Tikrit and Baghdad and east, west, south and north somewhat.”

Then, at about the 7:20 mark in the video below, Beck honed in on what was obviously his main target from the get go, the “new” ACORN video that Professor Truthlover forgot to tell his audience is from 2007 and told us nothing we didn’t already know.

Nevertheless, Beck complained that the video “has drawn a chorus of yawns from the media.”

“This is one of the most outrageous lies I have seen in quite some time and yet nobody seems to care,” Beck whined, as he proceeded to distort, misrepresent and manipulate the facts.

“And this is important,” Beck said self-importantly. “While (Obama) was on the campaign trail, he’s been asked about his relationship with ACORN. I want to show you his response. Watch carefully. Do you believe him here?”

Beck played a video of Obama saying in 2008, “My relationship with ACORN is pretty straightforward. It’s probably 13 years ago… I represented ACORN and my partner… was the U.S. Justice Department in having Illinois implement what was called the Motor Voter Law.”

“That sounds so straightforward” Beck said, “I want you to know this was not an isolated incident.” He played another clip of Obama saying, essentially, the same thing.

“He can look you right in the eye… and people said, ‘See, he’s telling the truth.’” Beck accused. “Now in the very same election campaign we now have a video clip that has been uncovered during a House investigation by Congressman Issa. Here is what Obama has said when being interviewed by ACORN about ACORN right around the same time.”

As we previously reported, there is nothing in the so-called “new” video, to contradict what Obama said in 2008. As Beck looked on sternly, Obama was shown saying, “I definitely welcome ACORN’s input. You don’t have to ask me about that. I’m gonna call you even if you didn’t ask me. When I ran Project Vote, voter registration drive in Illinois, ACORN was smack-dab in the middle of it. Once I was elected, there wasn’t a campaign that ACORN worked on… that I wasn’t right there with you. Since I’ve been in the United States Senate, I’ve been always a partner with ACORN as well. I’ve been fighting with ACORN, alongside ACORN on issues you care about my entire career.”

As PolitiFact noted when they discussed these words by Obama last September, Obama was talking about his affinity for ACORN and working alongside it, not for the organization. But “Professor” Beck somehow missed that. Or was he deliberately misleading about it?

With his serious voice, Beck asked, “How do people sleep at night? … How does the media sleep at night?” Then he started to work himself up into one of his self-righteous lathers.

“Who are you lying to? Are you lying to us or are you lying to ACORN?” Beck continued. But in reality, the only one doing the lying here seemed to be Beck who tried to a) pass off something that didn’t happen in a video as something that did and b) present it as new information.

“The media has to go out of their way to avoid these stories, but of course, they do. Why are they silent?” Beck said with his hammy drama. Well, maybe the media knows what you don't or what you refuse to acknowledge: This is old news already reported.

“How do they sleep at night?” Beck asked self-righteously. “If you can look me in the eye and… lie to me like that, what else are you capable of?”

Good question, “Professor.”