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Hannity Refuses To Believe Mike Huckabee That Michelle Obama Is Not An Angry Black Woman

Reported by Ellen - February 20, 2010 -

Mike Huckabee appeared on Hannity last night (2/19/10) to promote his interview with Michelle Obama to be aired later tonight and Sunday. Huckabee seemed to be very favorably impressed by Obama. He told Hannity, “She was a delightful person… I think it’s going to surprise some people when they hear her talk about her relationship to this country and her love of country… The image that sometimes was maybe ascribed to her as a person who’s angry, not at all.” Sean Hannity, who may well have a worse record than Glenn Beck on race, responded by arguing that Obama merely hid that side from Huckabee. With video.

“She wouldn’t show that to you, Governor, she wouldn’t.” Hannity said as soon as Huckabee said Obama was not “a person who’s angry.”

“You can see that in a person’s countenance,” Huckabee countered. “You can see it if they’re defensive. She was not defensive. She was relaxed and she was open.”

Hannity persisted by smearing Obama even further. “How do we reconcile that with (Obama’s statement) ‘For the first time in my adult life, I’m proud of my country.’ She didn’t say it once, she said it twice.”

Huckabee told Hannity he should watch the interview and added that he had some sympathy with Obama over that issue. “I have often been characterized by one soundbite and people say, ‘That is the whole of Mike Huckabee because we have him on this off-the-cuff moment.’”

Hannity interrupted, “But she said it (it sounded like he was going to say “twice,” but interrupted himself after “tw”), ‘For the first time in my adult life, I’m proud of my country.’ I didn’t get that.” Not content to leave the smear there, he continued by bringing up Rev. Wright. “Now, if we juxtapose that, she was in Rev. Wright’s church for 20 years. Apparently closer to Rev. Wright than Barack Obama was, according to reports.”

Huckabee said he had not asked her about Wright and joked that it was because “I was gonna let you do that when you have her on Hannity, which I’m sure she’ll do this now.” He added, “Let me tell you something, when you have her on, I’m going to warn you in advance, she is a very charming lady.”

“She might not be able to hold back her contempt for me,” Hannity joked. Then, after Hannity acknowledged that he supported Obama’s efforts regarding childhood obesity, he started in on the Obama’s again. “I think that both Michelle and Barack Obama are far more radical than they let on.”

Obama went on Huckabee to talk about her fight against childhood obesity, not politics. So there was simply no reason for Hannity to persist in smearing her, other than out of outright malevolence.