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Bill O’Reilly Brings You Belly Dancing

Reported by Priscilla - February 18, 2010 -

This week, Bill O’Reilly is in Los Angeles. He has “unleashed” his stalker (whoops, producer) Jesse T Watters to cover what’s hot in the city of angels. Are we surprised that Jesse has brought his big daddy an up close and personal segment about belly dancing? But America’s daddies must love Bill. Who needs to spend money on Viagra when there’s Bill O’Reilly?! But check it out – the shots of rhythmically challenged Jesse attempting to shake his booty are priceless! Oh, and Bill. Please do some research before making stupid statements about how “You’d be beheaded if you did that in a Muslim country.” Uh, Bill, Egypt is a Muslim country and they’re still belly dancing. Jesse did a second piece on “freaky” Venice, California residents who weren’t really impressed with Bill O’Reilly. But Bill one upped them by claiming that there was a “substance abuse problem” in Venice. Way to go, Bill and Jesse. Stay classy.