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Fox News Uses D.C. Snowstorm To Attack Global Warming, Al Gore And Democrats

Reported by Ellen - February 11, 2010 -

Co-authored by Brian

On yesterday’s (2/10/10) Your World, guest host Eric Bolling repeatedly showed Al Gore’s book, An Inconvenient Truth, buried in the snow, while making such sarcastic remarks as, “Poor Al Gore. We should get a camera outside his house. Is he home? Is he worried about this? Is he seeing his book collecting snow outside Fox?” At the end of the show, Bolling interviewed global warming skeptic and filmmaker Phelim McAleer dressed in a T-shirt, shorts and sandals, outside in the snow. "It's nonsense that carbon dioxide is dangerous, " he declared. With video.

Predictably, McAleer didn’t just discuss global warming but used the issue to bash Democrats. "Their agenda is about taxing people, controlling people, and trying to get money off them to try to fit their agenda." He said global warming "may be junk science but I suppose definitely it’s junk politics."

And what global warming discussion on Fox would be complete without an attack on Al Gore? McAleer asked, “Where is Al Gore? … It’s a national emergency here in Washington… Surely the man who said we’re gonna suffer global warming should be here explaining where’s the global warming, Al? So let’s all of America ask, where is Al?” Actually, it looks like Gore’s book addressed this issue. On Page 106, he wrote, “Warmer water increases the moisture content of storms, and warmer air holds more moisture. When storm conditions trigger a downpour, more of it falls in the form of big, one-time rainfalls and snowfalls.” Big, one-time snowfalls seems to exactly fit the description of what has happened in Washington.

Furthermore, as Media Matters noted, The New York Times, in 2008, reported that climate scientists rejected the theory that short term changes in weather bear any relevance to climate science. Also, 2000-09 was the warmest decade on record. But somehow, the “fair and balanced,” “we report, you decide” network failed to mention that.

Instead, Bolling and McAleer went on to attack Democrats for trying to effectuate initiatives to combat global warming.