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“Civil,” “Tolerant” Fox Nation Celebrates Murtha’s Death And Uses It To Attack Democrats

Reported by Ellen - February 9, 2010 -

In a thread with the inflammatory title, Are Dems Politicizing Murtha's Death Already? the “civil,” “tolerant” community of Fox Nation readers went to town not only with hatred for Democrats and liberals but outright rejoicing of the death of Congressman John Murtha who died yesterday, possibly as the result of a surgical error. But who's really doing the politicizing? Not only is Fox Nation's post a blatant attempt to use Murtha's death to attack Democrats, but their own lack of respect for Murtha could not be more obvious when reviewing the readers' comments which have made it past the moderators. There are such "non-politicizing" gems as, “We could get Murtha’s surgeons to work on Pelosi!” Long time News Hounds may recognize the poster who wrote, "One less PORKER, Progressive Lib Turd out of the way. Good Riddance!" Screen grabs after the jump. (H/T Debbie D.)

You can contact Fox Nation here.