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Oliver North Calls Efforts To Repeal Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell a “Stunning Assault On… The Military,” Says Admitting NAMBLA Members Will Be Next

Reported by Ellen - February 5, 2010 -

Oliver North appeared on Hannity last night (2/4/10) and blasted President Obama’s efforts to repeal Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell. Predictably, North didn’t just oppose the repeal, he used the issue to smear Obama with the now-familiar Fox News taglines: He’s a “radical” who’s endangering our national security. There was no guest to balance North. Nor did Hannity or the Fox News producers think it necessary to report that the majority of Americans and the majority of servicemembers now favor repeal. With video.

The moment he could speak on the issue, North said, “Stunning assault on the all-volunteer military… Barack Obama now intends to treat them like lab rats in a radical social experiment and it can be very, very detrimental… This isn’t about rights, this isn’t about fairness, it’s all about national security and, apparently, Mr. Obama’s forgotten it.”

North went on to use the issue to take gratuitous swipes at Obama. “This guy is in so far over his head, you can’t find him with SONAR.” North’s “proof” was Obama’s mistake in pronouncing a Navy corpsman a “corpse-man.” As soon as North brought it up, Hannity jeered, “Wow, wow, wow, I can’t let you say that in case somebody missed earlier.” He then proceeded to re-play the video of Obama’s mistake for the third time (Hannity would play it again, for the fourth time, during the “Great American Panel” segment).

North continued his rant, “…Here’s what’s next: NAMBLA members, same sex marriages. Are chaplains in the U.S. military going to be required to perform those kinds of rituals?... All of this stuff… adds to the burden of these youngsters who are now on their ninth year of a war, back to back deployments, and more combat time than my Dad got in World War II. That is a very serious issue and it affects readiness and recruiting and retention and they’re ignoring it in this White House.”

It seems to me that even if you don’t want to allow gays serving with you in the military, the scenario painted by North would suggest most soldiers have more to worry about than the sexual proclivities of their fellow troops. And that is born out by polls which have found that military members and their families as well as the public at large support the repeal. That information was not given to the “we report, you decide” network’s viewers.

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