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Glenn Beck’s Incendiary Rhetoric Goes Way Beyond The Word “Slaughter”

Reported by Ellen - February 4, 2010 -

Glenn Beck responded on his program Tuesday (2/2/10) to the discussion between Arianna Huffington and Roger Ailes on ABC’s This Week last Sunday in which Huffington confronted Ailes about Beck’s incendiary language. Huffington used as an example an instance where Beck spoke of Americans being slaughtered. After Ailes shrugged it off by saying that Beck had been referring to Stalin and Hitler, video surfaced showing that Beck was indeed talking about Americans being slaughtered as a result of Obama administration policies. So on Tuesday, Beck argued that he had not used the word "slaughter" in its literal sense. But as Beck surely knows, and Huffington clearly suggested, it’s not about his one use of the word “slaughter," in a literal sense or not, but his repeated use of violent rhetoric and suggestions that American lives are being threatened directly or indirectly by the Obama administration and/or progressives.

You might think that a guy who loves his country so much he’d cry for it, the way Beck does, would be filled with remorse and/or alarm at the possibility that people might find him needlessly inflammatory. But instead, Beck wore it as a badge of honor. “Good news! The left is getting desperate!” Beck said with glee, as he approached the subject. Usually he “doesn’t bother responding on this program,” to accusations about him, Beck gloated, “But sometimes, it’s just kind of fun. And I know they just do it to get attention and I kind of feel bad for them. Think they need it.”

His reasoning that this was all just a ploy for attention? Fox News’ ratings are doing so much better than MSNBC. “Some might say this show is slaughtering them. But if I did, I’d want to point out that I didn’t mean ‘slaughter’ literally. After all, you can’t kill something that is already dead,” Beck said, sensitive as ever to others.

Beck played the clip of Huffington and Ailes:

Huffington: “Aren’t you concerned about the language that Glenn Beck is using which is, after all, inciting the American people. There’s a lot of suffering out there, as you know, and when he talks about people being ‘slaughtered,’ about who is going to be the next in the killing spree…’”

Ailes cut her off. “He was talking about Hitler and Stalin slaughtering people so I think he was probably accurate.”

Huffington: “No, he was talking about this administration.”

Beck said, “I actually had to look this up. I didn’t think I had said anything. But she was so offended by this that she went on television to talk about it again." What Beck meant was that Huffington had gone on MSNBC to discuss her back and forth with Ailes. Beck sneered that he likes to call Huffington “Media Matters after a few drinks,” and said that because nobody would have seen her on MSNBC, “we’re giving them a public service announcement right now.”

According to Beck, Huffington based her claim on one segment, in which he likened Obama’s stewardship of the economy to a captain of an airplane about to crash. At the end, Beck says, “When you see the effects of what they’re doing to the economy, remember these words: We will survive. No — we’ll do better than survive, we will thrive. As long as these people (the Obama administration) are not in control. They are taking you to a place to be slaughtered!” (Brave New Films has the clip here)

Beck gave a hammy scream and told his audience, “There’s the gotcha moment.” He continued, “Now, some would say that… this last sentence might also be about speaking of the economy as well.”

Holding a pointer, Beck sounded professorial as he said, “With thirty-plus years of broadcast to pick from, Arianna Huffington makes this her main point. She is claiming that this is a reference to literal slaughter being carried out by our president. So what she’s saying in a nutshell is that we made this point. I first talk about the economy, then the economy, then the economy, then the economy, and then I seamlessly moved into genocide without any kind of warning… transition or notice.”

It's telling that Beck never denied he had said anything inflammatory and in fact, had implicitly admitted it when he said he had been talking about the economy "as well" as "genocide." All the while he deflected attention from that with his repeated emphasis about "the economy" and smearing MSNBC, the left and Huffington.

Meanwhile, what went undiscussed - by Ailes, ABC and now Beck - was his much broader use of incendiary tactics that include repeated references to violence. Huffington had clearly picked out the “slaughter” remark as one example of his violent rhetoric that deliberately plays on fear and paranoia. But she had many, many to choose from. Some of the ones we have highlighted in the past:

On January 25, 2010:

No one on this program is saying this administration is setting out to commit atrocities in America… What we are saying is the pattern repeats itself and we must be vigilant and watch for warning signs… The people in this administration have shown us certain warning signs and isn’t it stupid of us to ignore those signs? It doesn’t mean that that’s where the road is going to end up. It just means there’s a warning sign here. Careful! Hazard ahead! But don’t worry. The danger is only really heightened when you couple radical revolutionary ideas with arrogance (and of course, Beck had just said progressives "became arrogant")… If we are not careful, America, their arrogance will not only be their undoing, which it already has, but if we’re not careful, it will be ours as well.”

On January 20, 2010, Beck claimed that a civil war in the Democratic Party had begun and that it might threaten the life of the President.

“This war isn’t just about Democrats. It is the battle for the survival of the republic. And I hope you are ready to fight… To you, a fight means educating people. It means mobilizing people to go out and vote…. But to these people? What does a fight mean to the uber left progressive? All bets are off. They will cheat, they will lie, they will steal. And they have in the past, blown things up if it helps them win.

…It’s going to get tougher for us now… Are you willing to sacrifice – not your life – I mean, maybe it comes down to that. God, I hope it doesn’t. But at least your fortune and your sacred honor? …Or will you sit idly by as things get tougher? …Our founders were willing to risk their lives, their fortunes and their sacred honor. Are you willing to at least sacrifice your fortune and find your honor to defend freedoms that we’re losing? …Progressives have been patient for decades, creeping their way into the system under the cover of darkness. And this is their opportunity. They’re going to deal a final death blow to the Constitution if they can.”

On January 19, 2010 Beck said,

“Because of this program, we have been trying to focus on the progressive playbook for over the past year. And because of this program, a lot of us have learned an awful lot. I told you that this time would come, where they would become desperate. And they would do ANYTHING, and they would also, I believe, become dangerous to the republic. They would start with just insulting your intelligence and every last sensibility that you have… It is time for the adults of this country to step in and save the Republic.”

On November 11, 2009, Beck addressed his audience in a monologue in which he claimed that if we do not call the Fort Hood shooter “a terrorist,” “we’re all doomed.” Beck said:

Let me tell you this, if you don’t fight on the battlefield of ideas, with your mouth, with your mind… there will be another battlefield. It will be fought with guns… I know you see what is being created… I know you see that we are being led into an American cemetery.”

On October 27, 2009, Beck said on Fox & Friends,

This administration...they model themselves...after Al Capone. You take these guys on, and they will bash your brains out. That’s what they did to Fox, that’s what they’ve done to the Chamber of Commerce. That’s what they do to everyone who stands in their way. So, you have to ask yourself, as Sean Connery did, what are you prepared to do. If you’re going to get into a fight with these guys, you better be able to battle all the way to the end.

On October 23, 2009, Beck said,

You gotta take a stand, even though you know, in the end, you’ll pull out a knife and they’re gonna pull out a gun… You have to ask yourself, if you stand up, what are you willing to do? Sure, you might get whacked. But let me tell you something. You spend too much time in bed with the mob, you spend too much time at that table, you’re gonna get whacked eventually anyway.

You can contact Beck at [email protected] or the Glenn Beck show at [email protected].