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Glenn Beck Suggests Obama Deliberately Selling Out Our National Security To China

Reported by Ellen - February 3, 2010 -

Glenn Beck found a new avenue (new to me, at least) for fear-mongering about President Obama yesterday (2/2/10): accusing him of deliberately compromising national security and allowing our national “stealth technology” to be stolen by the Chinese as a sort of backdoor payment on our debt to them. But despite promoting such a horrifying scenario, Beck never once indicated that he had made a single attempt to verify his suspicion or even try to find out whether there might be another explanation for Obama “lowering the priority placed on intelligence collection on China.” With video.

Starting at about the one minute mark in the video below, which was the second part of Beck’s opening monologue, he said, “When we found out that China was selling our children lead-painted toys and poisoned dog food – do you remember that? Do you remember anybody, anyone saying, ‘Why isn’t George Bush really saying anything?’ Imagine if an American company or a British company were selling kids chewable lead-based toys and poisoned dog food. You think we wouldn’t have hammered the bat snot (?) out of them? Of course we would. Why didn’t we say anything to China?” Well, one reason is because the Bush administration was anti-regulation as a matter of policy.

Beck either didn’t know or overlooked that. Instead, he said, ramping up the conspiracy talk, “Well, the same reason you usually don’t go up to your boss and stick your finger in his chest. You don’t bite the hand that feeds you. China, I hate to break the news to you, now rules the world.”

After that nod to bipartisan fear mongering, Beck started in on what was obviously his true intended target, the same target he goes after every day: the Obama administration. “The White House now has gone further for China. The White House now has told our spy agencies to lower the priority placed on intelligence collection on China. (Beck made some clown faces) What’s that mean?"

Then, with his serious reporter’s voice, he said, “I am told by contacts within the CIA that we only experience cyber attacks from China on a daily basis. When we can’t say to somebody, ‘Stay away from our secrets,’ because we’ll lose their money, we have become slaves to them. But beyond just being afraid to stand up to them, is it possible that this is some sort of payment to the Chinese? By not tracking their spy activities as aggressively as we always have, are we just actually paying a higher interest rate on our loans? Think about this: How much did our stealth technology cost? Now if we don’t catch them stealing our stealth technology, what is that? Is it possible that’s payment on the principal? I’ve said before, as soon as China demands a higher interest rate for all these loans that we can’t pay back, it’s over.

"What is this move by Obama to say, “‘Hey, let’s stop looking at them so much?’”

Beck is always complaining that the White House won’t call him. In fact, early in this very segment, Beck held up his special red phone reserved for the White House and asked, “Will they call today?” But the real question is, if Beck is so concerned about whether the White House might be compromising national security for the sake of the national debt, why didn’t HE pick up the phone and ask? Even more importantly, why didn't the "fair and balanced" Fox News producers insist that he do so?

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