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Fox News Interrupts Obama/GOP Discussion To Spin It

Reported by Ellen - January 30, 2010 -

President Obama engaged in a candid discussion with House Republicans yesterday (1/29/10) in which he took the GOP to task for not engaging in constructive debate and calling on them to "do what's right for our country, even if it's not always what's best for our politics." After some prepared remarks, Obama took a number of questions in which he did not mince his words in countering Republican attacks. It was pretty dramatic stuff, the kind of political theater Fox News doesn't just specialize in but manufactures. Yet, the "we report, you decide" network cut away from the exchange 20 minutes before it ended to start their spin which just happened to echo GOP talking points. Could the decision have anything to do with the fact that, for the most part, the Republicans were taking it on the chin instead of Democrats? I report, you decide. Highly recommended video of the entire event after the jump.

You can also read the transcript here.

The first video below is via Think Progress. The second one is via The White House.