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Bill O’Reilly Burnishes His Anti Choice Creds By Defending Tebow Ad

Reported by Priscilla - January 29, 2010 -

I’ve noticed that Bill O’Reilly has taken a more avuncular tone in his interview segments. Rather than scold, he cajoles. Gone are the red faced screams to “shut up.” But however much his demeanor has mellowed (better living through chemistry?) he is still able to communicate the requisite right wing propaganda. The newest piece of right wing propaganda is that the anti-choice super bowl ad, produced by the right wing anti-abortion/anti contraceptive “Christian” group “Focus on the Family," is just a happy affirmation of a pregnancy being brought to term despite the recommendation of the woman’s doctor. That this woman is the evangelical mother of the evangelical football player, Tim Tebow, makes the story even sweeter. Basically, it’s a piece of conservative, Christian propaganda on a network that has previously been unwilling to air “position ads.” So are we surprised that Bill O’Reilly, in his most avuncular manner, defends the ad? After all, he did win a award from another radical Christian group for his contribution to a climate of anti-choice hatred which resulted in the death of Dr. Tiller. Maybe Bill’s shout out to the anti-choice community is an attempt to secure another award. Bill’s vocals may be lower – but it’s the same old, same old right wing Christian right talking points.

Bill provided the back story (January 26th) and played a video of Tim Tebow “standing up for what he believes in.” In introducing his guest, Jehmu Greene of the Women’s Media Center, Bill worked in some “humor” when he said that Greene wanted to “abort the ad.” O’Reilly noted that as Focus on the Family hasn’t released the script or the ad itself, nobody knows the content. When Greene said that the ad “contradicts” the network policy, Bill, rather than addressing the fact that the network refused to run an ad from the United Church of Christ as well as an anti choice ad from the Catholic Church, made another pun. He used a football metaphor to admonish Greene to not “outkick her coverage.” Bill, in his best working class guy voice, explains the ad; i.e. that Mrs. Tebow did not abort her pregnancy despite her doctor’s advice to do so. Bill said “They’re going to celebrate that fact in the ad” which, he admits, is “pro-life.” He then asked Greene, “what’s your beef?” Greene asserted that the “choice” that Mrs. Tebow made is something that Focus on the Family wants to take away from American women. Bill just couldn’t understand why anyone would say that anything is being “taken away” and articulated the anti-choice talking point that this is a “positive ad” about a woman’s “choice.” Bill couldn’t understand why, according to Greene, this is a “thinly veiled attempt” to undermine reproductive choice. Bill is either sadly misinformed or an apologist for the anti choice movement because he insisted that Focus is not trying to take reproductive choice away. (WTF?!) Greene also tried to say that Focus was homophobic but Bill said “whoa, whoa, whoa” and accused Greene of “attacking the group and not the ad.” He then admitted that Focus is “pro-life” because “they don’t like abortion.” (Scuse me Bill, they want Roe overturned and women sent to the back alley butchers) He added that because “not everything they do is bad” not “everything that they advertise should be banned.” Greene said that it’s time to have a “meaningful conversation” about reproductive rights. Ignoring that, O’Reilly accused Greene of trying to “muzzle” CBS and that isn’t “the American way.” He reiterated that if it’s a “positive message,” even though it’s “pro-life,” it should not be censored. Again proving that he’s either an idiot or a tool, he asked whom the ad offends.

But then came the piece de resistance – the old Bill was back in the saddle. After Jehmu said that “there's no more controversial issue than abortion.” Bill says “Are you offended — wait, wait, hold it. Are you offended that Tim Tebow's alive?” Greene did not take the bait; but quietly said that she was “offended that CBS has a very specific advocacy policy that they have decided, whether out of bias.” Bill said that her “beef” should be with CBS and that Mrs. Tebow’s choice should be celebrated. Green said that Focus would take the choice away to which Bill said “that’s your interpretation of the organization.” He did conclude by saying that he respect’s Greene’s opinion.

Comment: Pro-choice groups assert that this ad “breaks with the network’s longstanding tradition of not airing controversial spots during sports events.” As abortion is a political issue, choice groups feel that this ad is not merely a “celebration” of life; but a political statement which promotes an anti-choice message. Amongst women’s health pro choice professionals it is felt that it is also an irresponsible ad which sends the message that if you have a problem pregnancy, you shouldn’t trust your doctor; but, rather, put your faith in Jesus. It has also been pointed out that abortion was illegal (still is) in the Phillipines, when Mrs. Tebow made her “choice” – a fact that puts her “choice” in a different light. But O’Reilly didn’t want to hear any of these arguments. Rather, he promoted the anti choice meme and the myth that Focus On The Family, a far right wing, homophobic Christian organization seeking to ban abortion and contraception, is a benign and apolitical group. But he lost his avuncular tone when he asked Greene if she “was offended that Tebow is alive” – a statement that is frequently made by those anti choice zealots who support the ad. Perhaps Greene should have asked him if he were offended that Dr. Tiller, prior to his death, was alive! But O’Reilly got the message out. As noted by one blog article, "host Bill O'Reilly was on FOTF's side from the get-go." Other pro-life Christian misogynists are calling Ms. Green “the C word.” Bill did real good!!!!


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