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Bill O’Reilly Obsessively Smears Nancy Pelosi Over State Of The Union Speech

Reported by Ellen - January 28, 2010 -

I’m not one to accuse people of sexism and misogyny very often but I could not help but think that there was something preternaturally hostile in Bill O’Reilly last night (1/27/10) as he and his guests repeatedly focused on Nancy Pelosi in the upcoming State of the Union speech. O'Reilly started by sneering that he did not want to watch Nancy Pelosi “popping up and down.” He was joined in the disdain by “comedian” Dennis Miller and then reporter Carl Cameron. You'd think Pelosi, not Obama, was the one giving the SOTU speech. With video.

First, with Dennis Miller (the first video below), O’Reilly complained about Pelosi “popping up and down.”

Miller agreed, saying that she reminds him of a “jack in the box” and later added,“Pelosi is more unhinged than a double wide front door in the midst of a crystal meth bust.” There was no objection from O’Reilly over that smear. Miller has a history of making sexist smears about Pelosi, without objection from O'Reilly.

Then, referring to Obama’s proposed freeze on spending, Miller added, “Let’s hope somebody freezes her tonight so she’s not bobbing up and down like a piece of driftwood.” You could hear chuckling off screen.

Next, with Cameron and Garrett, O’Reilly complained about how dull Obama’s speech would be and speculated he might just read the transcript instead of watching the speech. “Nancy Pelosi jumping up and down, as I said earlier in the program, 15 times, I gotta take Dramamine.” He nodded his head up and down as he spoke.

Cameron didn’t bother to hide his disdain for Pelosi as he reported that she “got in (Obama’s) face” to say she wanted a spending freeze on defense. “It is an amazing thing to have happen,” he added.

O’Reilly asked, “Do you think President Obama loathes, loathes Nancy Pelosi?”

Cameron and Garrett broke out into big smiles.

Cameron said, “I think Democrats are filled with love and tremendous fear this year, Bill.”

“I don’t think the president likes Nancy Pelosi,” O’Reilly said. He offered no evidence that Obama feels that way. One could not help but think it was a classic case of projection.

Garrett pointed out that House Democrats have done more than Senate Democrats to get Obama’s agenda enacted.

Even then O’Reilly brought it back to Pelosi. As Garrett continued talking, O’Reilly kept trying to interrupt with more about her. Noting that Garrett had made a shrewd point, O’Reilly added, “I just think that… every time Nancy Pelosi gets out there… the approval ratings of Ms. Pelosi…”