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O’Reilly And Crowley Repeat Joke About Waterboarding Nancy Pelosi

Reported by Ellen - January 27, 2010 -

Just a few days after Bill O’Reilly joked about waterboarding Nancy Pelosi during his “Bold & Fresh Tour” with Glenn Beck, O’Reilly repeated the joke on The O’Reilly Factor, this time with the enthusiastic participation of Monica Crowley. Crowley also admitted she wants the Bush administration back and made a serious pitch for their economic and terrorism policies, including “enhanced interrogation” and indefinite detention. With video.

During last night’s (1/26/10) O’Reilly Factor, the “Barack and a Hard Place” segment, which pairs Alan Colmes with his conservative sister-in-law, Monica Crowley, had each guest offering suggestions for President Obama’s State of the Union speech the next night. Crowley said she wanted Obama to continue the Bush tax cuts and institute other Bush-type tax cuts (nicely smacked down by Colmes) and went on to argue that Obama should say, “President Bush was right on counter terror. I’m going to keep Guantanamo open, I’m going to use enhanced interrogation techniques, I’m going to indefinitely detain terrorist suspects, I’m going to use rendition and I’m not going to bring Khalid Sheikh Mohammed to New York.”

That was too much, even for O’Reilly. “Monica, we asked you to come up with some suggestions, not The Twilight Zone… He’s not gonna do that ever.”

“I think he could gain a lot of credibility,” Crowley countered.

Colmes said, “My beloved sister-in-law wants the Bush administration to come back.”

“Yes, I do. We were safe, then,” Crowley agreed.

O’Reilly said to her, “The only thing that you said that was remotely – could happen would be the coerced interrogation. But what I’d like to see happen is that you have waterboarding right there. And then we’d have a demonstration on how we’re bringing it back. And he (Obama) dunks Nancy Pelosi…”

At the same time, Crowley said, “Can we do it on Nancy Pelosi?”

What's really funny is that despite all that tough talk from Crowley, there's no evidence that she ever served in the military. However, that has not stopped her from mocking the Canadian Army, stricken with heavy losses in Afghanistan, as sofites.

I could not find a way to contact Crowley but you can leave comments for this torture-loving fraidy cat on her blog here. You can also contact the show at [email protected].