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Fox & Friends Showing Some Love For Anti-Obama Teabagger

Reported by Priscilla - January 27, 2010 -

As part of the Fox News Teabagging network, Fox & Friends has never seen a Teabagger it didn’t like. Fox & Friends is always willing to provide a platform for the angry mass of Howard Beale’s who are “mad as hell” – yet who offer little except right wing talking points and anger towards President Obama. It’s interesting to see Fox & Friends’ embrace of these Alinsky inspired right wing radicals because Fox & Friends didn’t provide the same kind of warm and fuzzy support to left wing agitators such as Code Pink. Disruption from the teabaggers is all great - disruption from the left is so bad that Brian Kilmeade recommended that a Code Pink Hillary Clinton heckler be “tazed and beaten to a pulp" And in the spirit of feeling the love for right wing agitators, Fox & Friends, this morning, interviewed town hall disrupter Brian Hegarty – whose name was misspelled on the Fox & Friends chyron as Brian “Hagerty.” While identifying Hegarty as a “union carpenter,” Fox pal Steve Doocy didn’t mention Hegarty’s affiliation with a local Tea Party group. But the interview was sweet because Hegarty got to promote teabagging talking points and insult Barack Obama. So move over Joe the Plumber. Brian Hegarty, “union carpenter,” might be taking your place as the newest “working class hero” for the radical right.

Doocy said, in his introduction, that New Jersey Congressman Rush Holt had a “rude awakening” at a town hall meeting. He showed a man asking Rep. Holt “Why are you enslaving us?” Doocy asked if Holt got the message and introduced Brian Hegarty who was at the meeting (but not the man who asked the profound question in the video). Doocy said that he saw some clips from the local affiliate and “things were really noisy.” Hegarty said that it got “real heated” and that they wanted to talk about “cap and trade, Obamacare, and how they’re bankrupting America.” When he claimed that they were being talked down to, in an effort to placate them, Doocy encouraged him with “and you told me, in the Green Room, that he was reading out of a binder with talking points and stuff…” (“Talking Points” – oh, the irony!) In response to Doocy’s question about what statement, by Hegarty, got Holt upset, Hegarty (who presumably has health care) said that it was his question about how the Constitution can force people “to buy an product….” Hegarty alleged that Holt wouldn’t answer the question and added that “things got a little heated.” Video of the meeting (not including Hegarty) was played in the background. While Hegarty spoke of how Holt wasn’t responsive, Doocy said “sure.” Doocy said that he knew that Hegarty, as a union member had “issues” with the union “Cadillac benefits” in the health care bill and “you think you’re protected with these carve outs.” But rather than discussing this, Doocy changed the subject: “you were noisy and 90% of the people were noisy as well and there was one lady back there who yelled at you. What did she say?” Hegarty responded that she said that she was appalled and asked “what are we teaching our kids.” He claimed that he answered her with “What did Bill Clinton teach our kids?” (WTF does that have to do with disrupting a member of Congress). Hegarty said that he is teaching his kids about how to hold their officials accountable. Doocy tossed him a softball about whether Washington “gets the anger.” Hegarty said that they don’t care. The chyron was a study in irony: “Americans Set On Being Heard.” (Right, and they don’t want to hear what their leaders are saying so they shout them down. Great learning experience there!) Hegarty said that they need to put “real people” in office. When Doocy asked him what he wanted Obama to say in his SOTU speech, he said that he wanted him to resign.

Comment: If those who were dissatisfied with the Bush administration had gone all Alinksy, one assumes that Fox & Friends would be “appalled” and would probably mention that it sets a bad example. Ya think! But do check out Brian Hegarty’s page on TCU Nation " ("The Social Network for Conservatives) for more information about him including the correct spelling of his name. You can learn more about him here. His name appears on two tea party sites one of which hypes his and another teabagger's appearances on Fox News. So it’s not surprising that, like teabagging moms Katrina Pierson and Katy Abram, Brian Hegarty would get some free face time on Fox & Friends. There were others who expressed themselves at the meeting so is it a coincidence that Hagerty was chosen to appear on Fox? Who knows! But the moral of the story – if ya want to get on Fox & Friends, get out yer teabags!

And Memo To Fox & Friends - If you love your teabaggers, you really should try to spell their names right!



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