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Brian Kilmeade On Gun Bible Verses - CAIR “Militants” Are The Problem – US Casualties, Not So Much!

Reported by Priscilla - January 22, 2010 -

It turns out that Fox “friend” Steve Doocy, didn’t introduce his moronic justification for the bible codes, on US military rifles, yesterday. The idiot balloon was launched on Tuesday, when the morning Christian fellowship, otherwise known as Fox & Friends, did a collective pout about how those evil. nasty Muslims have the audacity to complain about inspiring Christian code on taxpayer funded weapons used to kill Muslims - weapons which are used by Muslims when they are being trained by the US. And it’s not only the evil, nasty Muslims. Evil, nasty Britain and New Zealand also had the balls to say that this is inappropriate. Thus began an Islam and CAIR (Council on American Islamic Relations) bashing discussion which demonstrated that the term “moronic” shouldn’t be used exclusively for just Steve Doocy.

Good Christian Steve Doocy introduced the story by reporting about a company that manufactures “little coded references” to bible verses on their rifle sights. Good Christian Brian Kilmeade said that “he would never pick this up.” (Uh, Brain – whoops Brian – that’s not the point). At the time of this report, the military had stated that this does not “break the ban on military regulations because they don’t proselytize…” (Excuse Me? The atheist soldiers who are suing the army because of alleged harassment by evangelical officers would beg to differ!). Good Christian Gretchen Carlson mentioned that both New Zealand and Britain have a problem with the sights. Kilmeade, another wall of genius, asked “who is New Zealand shooting at?” (The New Zealand military, which served with distinction in both world wars, has troops in Timor Leste and the Solomon Islands.) While Gretch spoke about these countries, the chyron read “Backlash Over Bible Codes, Muslims Angry Over Sight’s Inscriptions.” When Gretch read a quote about how spokespersons from those countries are “unhappy” her emphasis on the word showed that she wasn’t exactly a happy camper. She then read a quote from a Centcom official who said that “the perfect parallel is our money.” (Uh, our “money” isn’t being used to kill Muslims!) Carlson chuckled unhappily when she said that “In God We Trust” is on our money now; but some people wish it would go away. Naturally, Kilmeade brought up how the reviled CAIR isn't happy. While he said this the chyron read "Dropping Their Weapons, Countries Rethinking Use of Company's Items." They played a comment from a CAIR spokesperson who said, very astutely, that Al Qaeda will use this as a "recruitment tool." - Ya think! Kilmeade "made fun of" the comment by saying "Al Qaeda will think we're mean?" Doocy joined the fun by asking what Muslims say when they blow themselves up. Gretch replied “Allah Akbar.” Kilmeade worked in the perfunctory Islam smear when he said "they're worrying about the bad publicity that Allah will get?" Doocy introduced his “it’s their fault” analysis when he said, with a smirk, “didn’t they make it a religious thing?” But get ready for the money quote of the day. Ready? Kilmeade said "If CAIR could focus on the militants in their midst, I would prefer that as opposed to the rifles because Americans don't shoot innocent people." (Unfortunately, sometimes they do and that also alienates the native population). The gang then asked for e-mail so I’m including their e-mail at the end of the piece.

Comment: Was Brian Kilmeade saying that the Council for American Islamic Relations has “militants in their midst.” Or was he talking about Islam. If so, one hopes that he want Christians to focus on the militants in their midst – some of whom harass and kill abortion providers in addition to those Christians who pray for the death of Barack Obama. What the three amigos don’t seem to want to discuss are the militants in the US military who are trying to turn the US taxpayer military into one, big bible camp. Jeff Sharlett, who wrote the excellent book about the influential, radical right wing Christian political group, “The Family,” also detailed the extent to which the evangelicals wish to take over the US military – “Jesus Killed Mohammed, The Crusade for a Christian Military.” But rather than taking the CAIR spokesperson seriously, the kids made mockery of his comments. Their anti Islamic commentary was another example of an anti Islamic propaganda meme which seems to permeate their show. But as the man from CAIR noted, the use of blatantly “Christian” weapons creates more propaganda for the militants to use in order to generate even more hostility toward the US. That creates more casualties, not to mention possible torture upon capture. For Brian Kilmeade, who never served in the military, to say that he doesn’t care about that is astounding as Fox News presents itself as a very patriotic network? Why does Brian Kilmeade hate the troops?

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Note – in neither show in which this has been discussed, has there been any commentary from the Military Religious Freedom Foundation which initially broke the story. Good thing Fox & Friends isn’t “fair and balanced.”