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Glenn Beck Compares Sarah Palin To George Washington

Reported by Ellen - January 14, 2010 -

Memo to Glenn Beck: I can sort of understand what people see in Sarah Palin and why you might feel she’s a refreshing change from the usual politicians but don’t you think that comparing her to George Washington might be taking it a bit too far? Even for someone as obviously smitten with her as you? For one thing, despite what Palin suggested in the interview, Washington was not just a farmer one day and then the next day president. He had a long career in political life and then as a military leader in the Amiercan Revolution. That was followed by an active role in the Constitutional Convention in 1787 where he was unanimously elected. Palin, on the other hand, is a polarizing figure who quit in the middle of her first term as governor of Alaska, never served in the military and has proven less than stellar in her command of world affairs. And while it was good of you to call out "Bullcrap!" when Palin could not name her favorite founding father, didn't it ring at least a little bell worth mentioning when Palin answered "All of them?" With video.

In his hour-long love-fest interview with Palin, Beck said, “I have to tell ya, that every time I bring up your name when somebody says, ‘Who’s out there?’ I answer one of two ways: I’m waiting for George Washington to appear. And then it’s usually followed by your name. And I say, ‘But, I don’t know.’ It’s not I don’t know if you’re smart enough… it’s not that you’re not capable or anything else. I don’t KNOW. I don’t know – I can’t give my trust out to anybody. Every time you do, they burn you.”

Palin answered that she didn’t think we “were created” to put our faith solely into another person except for a spouse. Unlike our founding fathers, she continued, she didn’t think there were too many modern politicians with “the sincerity there, the genuine love that they had of country.”

“Who’s your favorite founder?”

“Well, all of them,” Palin answered. Hmm, where have we heard that answer before? Oh, yeah, during her 2008 Katie Couric interview in which Palin could not identify a single newspaper or news source she regularly reads.

Palin continued, “Because they came collectively together with so much diverse…”

“Bullcrap! Who’s your favorite?” Beck interrupted.

Palin continued, “So much diverse opinion and so much diversity in terms of belief but collectively, they came together to form this union.”

“Do you have a favorite?” Beck pressed.

“No,” Palin said. Then she contradicted herself. “And they were led by, of course, George Washington. So he’s got to rise to the top. Washington was the consummate statesman… he returned power to the people. Then he went back to Mount Vernon… He was almost reluctant to serve as president.”

Beck said approvingly that Washington was his favorite as well. Then the fearmonger-in-chief added he admired Washington as someone “who’s so beyond question that he can bring people together.”

Palin agreed, saying that we need “to seek” someone “almost reluctant to serve… someone who the people find and ask, ‘Will you sacrifice? Will you do this for our country to get us back on the right track?’”

Beck gushed, “That is why I think you’re on the most admired list. Because some people find you to be that, as you came out of the blue. And you did serve, you were asked to serve, and you got butchered, and you continually get butchered, and yet you’re still going.”

Then Palin indicated she might think she was just the kind of George Washington this country needs. She said she’d be “perfectly happy” to go back to Wasilla, Alaska. “But if I believe that in some capacity I can help this great nation, I’m gonna be willing to sacrifice and to change some things in my lifestyle in order to, in order to serve. And it doesn’t have to mean, though, top dog.”

It seems to me she had a chance to serve and she quit in the middle of it.