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Former Pastor Mike Huckabee Jokes About Torturing The Christmas Underwear Bomber

Reported by Ellen - January 10, 2010 -

In a discussion about whether or not the Christmas underwear bomber, Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab, should have been held by the military instead of a civilian prison, Mike Huckabee sounded more like Jack Bauer than a former pastor. First, Huckabee argued that the suspect should be held by the military in order to get him to “sing like a canary.” He continued, “Frankly, I’d rather the military or the CIA take him and do whatever they need to do, including fill his underpants back up with whatever explosive and put him in a field and let a U.S. Marine detonate it if they have to, get this guy to talk." Huckabee allowed as how "I'm being a little facetious about that… but my point being, we want him to talk.” Not only did neither of the two Democratic guests object, at least one of them laughed. With video.

Huckabee added, “It’s not that we don’t want to give him some (my emphasis) civil treatment, because we are a country that does that, but I do think that that’s our problem (meaning that if he’s not held by the military and, presumably, treated harshly, he won’t “sing like a canary.”

As Democrat Penny Lee argued that a civil trial would likely bring about a speedier trial, Huckabee said, “I want a very speedy trial. I’d like a speedy disposition as the result of the trial.” Presumably, Huckabee was hoping for a quick death sentence.