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“Fair And Balanced” Forbes On Fox Panel Consists Of Democrat Bashers Only

Reported by Ellen - December 27, 2009 -

Co-authored by Brian

Last week’s (12/29/09) Forbes on Fox featured what purported to be a debate about Nancy Pelosi’s decision, as the banner on the lower third of the screen read, to “slam spending brakes in 2010.” "Good or bad for the U.S.?" The banner also asked. But the entire panel not only had the same anti-Democratic viewpoint, they repeatedly smeared Democrats. There was no objection from host David Asman. In fact, I’m pretty sure he was the one guffawing with loud appreciation when panelist Neil Weinberg said Pelosi’s decision would prevent Congress from “stealing as much as quickly from hard working Americans.” With video.

Mike Ozanian said, "I love it. All this lousy legislation that she's tried to push through has informed people. Look, if we had gone through this horrible health care bill, let’s say when Bill Clinton was President instead of his wife doing those secret and illegal conferences, we may not have to have gone through this today." Comment: Where was the illegality, Mike? Host David Asman didn’t feel the need to demand facts to back up the allegation.

Neil Weinberg said, "No question this is good. It shows the Democratic leadership for the craven power mongers that they are, and in addition, it slows all this horrible spending that they're doing, and throws their base under the bus. Nothing for the Hispanic constituency with the immigration bill, nothing for the gay community with don't ask, don’t tell."

Mike Maiello said, "My Italian mother is really depressed to see a powerful Italian woman like Nancy Pelosi act like such a wimp. There is a lot that we need done, and they wouldn't have a problem in 2010 elections if they had been enacting programs that people like."

Steve Forbes said, "These are horrors, these are neo-socialists… Congress has got to learn, in terms of the economy, less is more. A do-nothing Congress, we would've had a buoyant economy by now that would have 7-8% growth rate."

"Fortunately, they’re not going to be stealing as much as quickly from hard working Americans,” Weinberg added. That elicited a loud guffaw of appreciation from, I believe, host Asman. Weinberg continued, “I mean, what is not to like about a do-nothing Democratic Congress? In addition… this is really going to undermine, I think, their position for the next election and so, it’s gotta be a good thing."

Elizabeth MacDonald said, “This shows you that Pelosi and the Democrats are gaming the Congressional system just to preserve their own jobs.”

Rick Karlgaard said, "The growth is gonna be cut in half because of all this distortion, all this promiscuous spending brought about by this Congress... They’re gonna get shellacked in 2010, the Democrats."

Maiello chimed in, “I don’t even think they’re watching out for their jobs well. If this is a scheme, it’s a badly thought out one.”

Forbes said, “They don’t mind losing seats. And on the Senate side? Harry Reid – throw him under a bus. He will be a martyr for the Revolution.”

As the segment drew to a close, Forbes was asked whether the people will pay for this next year. He said "They're paying the price now, and they'll be paying the price in November in lost prosperity and opportunity which goes against the American ethos and dream."

When do you see a group of Democratic guests talking about Republicans this way on Fox News? Answer: Never