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Sean Hannity and Andrew Breitbart Attack Kevin Jennings - Again

Reported by Priscilla - December 23, 2009 -

As I reported, Sean Hannity and his radical right wing homophobic pals are engaging in an organized campaign of lies and smears about Kevin Jennings, Barack Obama’s “Safe School Czar.” Not surprisingly, Hannity’s pal, Andrew Breitbart, is aiding and abetting the radical right wing smear machine in what seems to be an obsession. As noted by Media Matters, Breitbart has published “endless numbers of vulgar articles” (including debunked trash from Gateway Pundit) which are “puerile and scatological” and are “reminiscent of the tantrums of a child desperate for attention.” So it’s not surprising that Sean Hannity would allow Andrew Breitbart a supportive venue for yet another hissy fit about Kevin Jennings.

Last week, Hannity discussed “political correctness” and how it’s just so bad because some poor New Jersey student was told to put away her bible. (The school principal did apologize for an inappropriate action on the part of the teacher). Breitbart pontificated that “political correctness” is “cultural Marxism.” (Hey Andy, you’re in Hollywood. What say you revive the McCarthy era “black list” as you seem to be so concerned about those evil “commies” in our midst.) Breitbart managed to work in Kevin Jennings with some questionable biographical information about himself: “I grew up Jewish. I was bar mitzvahed. And I went to a private school and we did the Our Father Who Art in Heaven and my parents didn’t feel it was a burden on our family. I felt it was a great thing. But, then again, there’s nothing that the Obama Safe Schools Czar can’t come and fix right now. With Kevin Jennings with his understanding in how to bring…” Let’s deconstruct, shall we. According to Breitbart’s Wiki entry, he states that he "grew up in Brentwood a secular liberal Jew" He also said that at his private school they “did the Our Father.” If he’s referring to Brentwood School, from which he graduated, that’s odd because this school is described as a “private, secular” school which describes itself as “diverse.”

The mention of Kevin Jennings had Sean Hannity salivating. He said: “You’re talking about one of my favorite topics Kevin Jennings.” (Oh, my, Sean, you really need to curb your enthusiasm because it’s beginning to look like you’re as obsessed about Jennings as Breitbart is. And in your case, there’s a lot wrong with it!) Cue Breitbart who enters stage very, very “right:” “You know what, the juxtaposition of these two stories; that the mainstream media won’t cover the Obama Safe Schools Czar wants to teach radical sexual education to K-12 grade children and to find out that simultaneously that kids are having trouble who would like to in private time read Judeo Christian values , that tells you everything you need to know.”

Comment: “Radical sexual education?” Nice throw away line there Andy but it’s a lie. Your homophobic fearmongering about the GLSEN reading list is just so “old school.” As shown by the audio files from that 2000 conference, during which you claim Jennings spoke about “the promotion of homosexuality in the public school curriculum,” Jennings advocates "respect [for] every human being regardless of sexual orientation, regardless of gender identity, regardless of race or religion or any of the arbitrary distinctions we make among people." This is the kind of “radical” education that needs to be promoted in our educational system. But for Hannity and Breitbart it’s all about the fear factor – and in this case it’s fear of homosexuals – and that’s called homophobia. Fear and bigotry – family values in Hannity’s America!