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Sean Hannity Still Promoting Lie About Obama Science Advisor

Reported by Priscilla - December 21, 2009 -

As I’ve noted previously, Sean Hannity and his radical right wing pals are attempting to undermine Barack Obama through his choice of advisors whom they are trying to paint as out of the mainstream ideologues. (Oh, the irony!) The steady stream of attacks against Obama’s science advisor, John Holdren, has been relentless. The smear campaign is based on a book, that Holdren co-authored 30 years ago, which the “every sperm is sacred” crowd claims was an “endorsement” of forced abortions and sterilizations. Fox Nation has aided and abetted this process. (Here, Here, Here). Glenn Beck, on his radio show, repeated the smear which Politfact has deemed a “lie of the year.” Not surprisingly, Obama hater Sean Hannity also continues to repeat the lie – most recently on Friday (December 18th) during a discussion, which disparaged global warming, with conservative columnist, Ann Coulter wannabe S E Cupp and Fox legal analyst Kimberly Guilfoyle.

The discussion started with the perfunctory smear of Nancy Pelosi’s trip to Copenhagen; i.e. that Pelosi is a hypocrite because of the “trail of carbon” used by her plane which the taxpayers are paying for. Hannity dismissed Pelosi’s comments about how efforts to curb global warming will create jobs. Hannity, who doesn’t seem to understand the difference between weather and climate, mentioned that there had been a snowstorm in Copenhagen. Cornell grad (just like Coulter) Cupp, a ballet dancer, gun enthusiast, NASCAR fan, and Fox “Red Eye” guest, claimed that Pelosi’s commitment to addressing climate change as a “moral imperative” is hypocritical because the “left” is all about "moral relativism." As an example she claimed that the “left” says “meat is murder but abortion fine, let's have a million. Fur is reprehensible, but stem cells, bring them to me, I want more. It's crazy!” (Memo to “atheist” Cupp: a ban on meat is as ridiculous as a ban on abortion and fur is a product of killing an animal while the definition of embryonic stem cells as “babies” is not universally held by all Americans). The group continued with the “taxpayer paid” Pelosi plane trip. (Funny, I don’t think Hannity complained about Airforce I being used to schlep George W Bush to Washington for a special signing of the Terry Schiavo “bill”) Cupp said that the Copenhagen “agreement” was an attempt to “foist liberalism…on the rest of the world.” (I wonder how she felt about Bush “spreading democracy” in Iraq – something which cost a lot of taxpayer money!) Oblivious to the show that she appears on, Cupp later said the talks on climate change are all about ideology. As a sweet little schill for the right, Cupp added the perfunctory “redistribution of wealth” canard. Cupp, who earlier disparaged stem cell research, referred to climate change science as phony and proclaimed that “science needs some restoring right now” and that it was Obama’s responsibility to do so. (Right, let’s bring back creationism and other bible based “science”!) Cupp said the magic word (science) for Hannity who (drumroll please) brought Holdren into the conversation: “They put on John Holdren the guy who believes in forced sterilization.”

Comment: I think I noticed Hannity’s nose grow a little when he said this because it’s just a lie. The right wing claim that Holdren espoused a policy of forced sterilizations in a book which he co-wrote in 1977. In the book, "Ecoscience: Population, Resources, Environment," Holdren et al. discussed hypothetical solutions to overpopulation. In other words, various methods of controlling populations growth were discussed – not endorsed. (One can discuss the policies of Joseph Stalin without endorsing him.) But for the radical right, hellbent on attacking Obama, propaganda is more important than accuracy and that’s why Holdren’s comments have been taken out of context and spun into whole cloth by the radical right wing whose mouthpiece is Fox News. Holdren says, on page 837 of the book: “Indeed it has been conclued that compulsory population control laws, even including laws requiring compulsory abortion, could be sustained under the existing Constitution if the population crisis became sufficiently severe to endanger the society.” Note the passive voice. The book then goes to reference an attorney who posited that the law would support such measures. The book then addresses ways to solve a population crisis without resorting to forced abortions such as insisting that all illegitimage babies be put up for adoption - something the Christian right wing would love. The book is not an emotional left wing appeal and statement of belief. It is, rather, a dispassionate, academic, and speculative discussion of an important issue which does need discussion. But then Sean Hannity is not an academic. He is a lying ideologue whose purpose is to spread propaganda – and lying propaganda at that.