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Fox News Website Continues Homophobic War On Kevin Jennings

Reported by Priscilla - December 15, 2009 -

As the go to media outlet for the American Taliban (whoops, religious right), it’s no surprise that yesterday, one of the left hand ledes on the Fox website shouted “Chapter and Perverse, Safe School Czar Hit For Promoting Sex-Explicit Books. “Chapter and Perverse” – Isn’t that a bit “tabloid” for a “news” website? It’s all very NY Post; but then that’s Murdoch fer ya. But it’s not about news – it’s about advocacy and seeing that the orchestrated radical right wing crusade against Jennings hasn’t resulted in his firing (which Sean Hannity is actively campaigning for), it looks like Fox, once again, is setting their sights on Jennings with more homophobic lies and smears – and a very defamatory headline. The smearmeister who wrote this article, Maxim Lott, is no stranger to smearing Jennings. This article is just more of the debunked bullpuckey sourced from the same old homophobic bigots who are putting a lot of time and effort into their homophobic smear campaign directed towards Obama’s openly gay “safe school czar.” So, again, it’s not suprising that the Fox News website is promoting the homophobic attack squad.

The subhead, under the headline, is this: “Obama's controversial 'safe schools' czar Kevin Jennings is under new attack after it emerges that the pro-gay group he headed until last year recommended books his critics say are pornographic.” The article, “Obama’s Safe School Czar Tied To Lewd Readings for 7th Graders,” is written by Fox’s Maxim Lott, the son of researcher John Lott who also used the name “Mary Rush” in articles which praised John Lott’s work. Maxim is a researcher for Fox’s John Stossel and Maxim’s website has a compilation of articles which he has written for Fox News. And in reviewing these articles, it seems that Maxim has quite the fascination for Kevin Jennings in that, between September and November he wrote three articles which smeared Jennings. And lo and behold, it’s none other than Maxim Lott who contacted the young man at the center of the initial controversy about Kevin Jennings. After erroneously reporting that “Brewster” was 15, Lott sent a Facebook message to Brewster asking him to confirm his age. As I noted in my Hannity post, Lott was forced to correct himself on September 30th. So now Lott is back with another article which cites Jennings' critics for “what they say is his promotion of homosexuality in schools.” Not surprisingly Lott links to Gateway pundit which has a list of the books recommended by GLSEN (Gay, Lesbian, Straight, Educational Network). Gateway has been a key player in the war against Jennings. Not surprisingly, Lott’s article is featured on Gateway. Lott includes some lengthy “lewd” quotes (Why are social conservatives so obsessed about gay sex?) that are being used against Jennings. (Poor Maxim, I guess he was never exposed to high school books that have naughty bad sex!) Blogger Alvin McEwen, who has written extensively on the homophobic attacks against Jennings, and who is quoted in Lott's article, notes that Lott “omited the portions of those essays in which the authors make clear that they are not promoting those practices.”

But as Maxim notes, groups like “The Family Research Council” are shocked. (Thought they all home schooled their kids?!). But in the spirit of “fair and balanced,” Lott does include a statement about GLSEN guidelines, from GLSEN Executive Director, Eliza Byard, but adds that “critics say the guidelines are damming" because they “confirm” that GLSEN checked the books. (And we all know how degenerate they are!) Lott includes Alvin McEwen’s comments about how GLSEN is recommending that parents review the books. It was spit out the coffee time while doing a great, big ROFL when I got to the part where Lott quotes professional and ultimate homophobe, Peter LaBarbera, President of “Americans For Truth About Homosexuality.”) If you want more on LaBarbera, check out “Pam’s House Blend” and “Right Wing Watch, which have lots of stuff on the bizarro world of LaBarbera who cites the past “controversies” surrounding Jennings. Lott then proceeded to perpetuate the lie that Brewster told Jennings that he was having “sexual relations” with a man whom he met at the bus station. BTW, La Barbera said that the “controversy” about Jennings is “all about homosexuality” which, according to Pete, is “unnatural and destructive behaviors condemned by God.” The article concludes with two paragraphs from homophobic “mullah” Sprigg, of the Family Research Council about how “obscene” this GLSEN material is. Sprigg is in favor of deporting American gays because their behavior is “destructive to society.” (Is he referring to “toe tapping in airport restrooms?)

Comment: “Real journalism, fair and balanced?” I don’t think so. One thing is clear, however. Maxim Lott just can’t quit Kevin Jennings.