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Fox Nation's "Fair And Balanced" Headline: "Power-Grabbing Pelosi Seeks Control Over Ponds, Streams, Lakes"

Reported by Ellen - December 15, 2009 -

Co-authored by Hula

Did Fox Nation even try at fairness and balance in this post about a possible expansion of the Clean Water Act? Fox seems to have simply lifted the first four paragraphs of an article from The Washington Times and then swapped out their more staid headline, "GOP opposes expanded water act" for Fox's far more inflammatory, "Power-Grabbing Pelosi Seeks Control Over Ponds, Streams, Lakes." And then, when the predictable hate poured forth from their readers, the "tolerant," "civil-discourse" promoting Fox Nation moderators allowed the death wishes and incendiary rhetoric galore. Screen grabs of just a small sample after the jump.