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Gretchen Carlson Fears ACLU Will Destroy Vets’ Cemeteries

Reported by Priscilla - December 10, 2009 -

In addition to the American flag, the gang at Fox & Friends worships the Christian cross. As such, those who attempt to mess with either are repeatedly demeaned and ridiculed – particularly the ACLU which is tops on the list of groups and people reviled by the Christian right wing. Fox & Friends did two segments (here and here) on the Mojave Desert cross which was part of a private war memorial on public land. As a result of efforts by the ACLU, the 9th Circuit Court said that it violated the Constitution; but the case is now with the Supreme Court. Those who support the cross are being represented by Kelly Shackleford who is the chief legal counsel at Liberty Legal Institute – a group which represents those persecuted Christians so beloved by Fox & Friends. So it came as no surprise that Mr. Shackleford appeared yesterday (December 9th) on Fox & Friends as he is representing those who support another cross on government ground. Not surprising was Gretchen Carlson’s anti ACLU, pro cross position – complete with the same fear mongering that was engaged in during her last conversation with Shackleford. It’s a good thing that Fox & Friends isn’t a “news” show that’s obligated to be “fair and balanced;” because, like the other two cross pieces, it made no effort to include anybody from the other side or any mention of what the other side is presenting. BTW, Carlson’s “playing dumb,” during the interview, just underscored what Jon Stewart said!

Carlson introduced the Christian right propaganda piece, about the “Soledad Cross,” by stating that it has stood since the fifties as a memorial to those who fought and gave their lives in both world wars and the Korean war. The chyron read “Crossed Out, Soledad Memorial In Jeopardy, 9th Circuit To Hear Cross Case Today.” In her best Miss America voice, she breathlessly intoned “but now it could be torn down” (Oh, Nooooo) "if the ACLU gets their way.” “They” (emphasis on “they”) “say that the 29 foot cross is a violation of church and state because it sits on government owned land.” She added that the cross has been ruled unconstitutional; but that Kelly Shackleford has filed an appeal on behalf of the American Legion. Carlson played dumb blonde when she said that because “so many of these cases are going on right now,” she was “confused” about which cross was represented in this case. (A simple google would have solved the problem, Gretch). She asked Shackleford “how prolific” is “this fight.” (Actually, clever propaganda here in that it allowed Shackleford, identified only as a “lawyer” and not as a rep from Liberty, to talk about the Mojave Desert cross and the evil ACLU). Shackleford is concerned that the 9th Circuit will order that the cross be “torn down.” (ACLU mentioned again) He is saddened and thinks this is “an absolute disgrace” in that it could lead to other memorials being demolished and that would set a “precedent” in “religious cleansing.” He repeated an argument that he made when he was last interviewed when he said that there are religious memorials in every community in the country and that “the bulldozers and sandblasters” would be there if the court doesn’t reverse its ruling. He added that he couldn’t imagine how that would make those who lost loved ones and current veterans feel. Gretchen morphed the cross and the flag when she said “talk about defacing the American flag, I’m envisioning the bulldozers taking out” (a little catch in her voice) “Arlington National Cemetery, there’s something really wrong with that.” (In her last conversation with Shackleford, she expressed fear that “children will no longer see these symbols.”)

Along with the ACLU, the ninth Circuit Court (which sits in the reviled librul San Francisco) is also reviled by the right wing and as if on cue, Gretchen asked Shackleford to talk about this court because “we’re always doing stories about how liberal that court is, so you must not be too optimistic…." As if on cue, Shackleford said that this court is in San Francisco and isn’t known for being a conservative court. In referencing that the Mojave cross case was decided by this court, he simplified things (Fox & Friends audience likes it simple) by saying that it had been up for 75 years and that it had to be covered by a box so “nobody would be offended while it’s on appeal.” Gretchen actually pouted when Shackleford said “these attacks are still coming.” Gretchen nodded and said “wow” when he spoke of his website which tracks these “attacks” which “most people” don’t know are happening. He claimed that “most Americans are appalled at the idea that we would really dishonor those who spilled their blood” for the country. Good Christian soldier Gretchen responded “aptly said” and mentioned how “it’s always good” to talk to him.

Comment: Once again the Fox audience is presented with just one side of the issue. That the ACLU has suggested ways to solve this issue was not mentioned. Once again, Carlson and Shackleford engaged in scare tactics about the ACLU wanting to bulldoze veterans cemeteries when the reality is that religious memorials are appropriate in these settings and not on public lands not designated as official memorials. Once again, Gretchen doesn’t seem to get that erecting a cross on public land “demonstrates preference for one religion” and thus violates the Constitution. Once again, Gretchen doesn’t seem to get that it wasn’t just Christians who spilled their blood for their country. Fox News - America's Christian newsroom.